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LILIA, Celso together, at-last?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

MAN is by nature only honoring those who are by his side- either through consanguinity, by affinity or because of their string attachment.

OUTSIDE such a relationship, is but nothing more of having an animosity or hatred burning inside against them.

THE Lord is clear when he preached his gospel, and one of which is: “If you are kind to your friend, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”(Matthew 5: 47). Email:


THIS rice smuggling issue is getting everyone’s nerves, in here.

NO less our top local officials, (not (necessarily the naïve ones) are very much concerned of this latest fuss.

“I welcome the Senate investigation on this rice smuggling. Most likely, by January, the Senate will start its own inquiry into this (rice-smuggling),” (Dist. 2) Cong. Lilia M. Nuno disclosed when interviewed Friday shortly after she arrived from Congress in Metro Manila.

SHE said the NFA should better do its homework seriously, and see to it a thorough monitoring should be done by them— lest there’s this unnecessary surplus of our gov’t-imported rice that just rots when can’t do anything about its over-supply of imported cereals, merely stored for that lengthy period— hence, susceptible to getting gravely damaged when left stocked there for so long in their warehouses.

SHE also revealed that the supposed involvement of private individuals engaged in rice importation (as allowed) needs to be stopped.

IN-fact, according to her, the gov’t, right now, has felt its woes, and presently in its radar to totally get rid of it.

THE good congresswoman hinted, like many of her peers in public-service, that if rice smuggling goes unabated, our local rice producers will even be more in peril.

SHE said there’s a dire need to give ample protection to our local rice farmers, by seeing to it that they can earn rife while at the same time produce sufficient bumper of rice supply in our place.

I WANTED to get the side of the NFA local top brass here, but to my disappointment, it appeared its management under NFA provincial Manager Boy Nuega, and even his immediate lady superior NFA Regional Manager Dyanne Silva were both pre-occupied inside the former’s office— probably trying to look over and even review diligently their records to make a much easier policy and/or its own rules & regulations in synch with the much stricter enforcement of customs laws to be implemented very soon, as bared by its new Customs Commissioner John Sevilla.

CUSTOMS’ new boss Sevilla and his party were here last Thursday, and clarified: “I’m not here because of the blown-up rice smuggling issue in this part of country. I’m here to see to it that law enforcement of our customs’ laws will be implemented to the letter.”

BUT, Sevilla added that much to his desire to look into this rice smuggling uproar, he’s very much appreciative of the supposed vigilant effors being shown by our city officials and their constituents on issues having an impact to the lives of their own people here.


HENCE, in the wake of the rice smuggling ruckus here, law enforcement measures will be that strict by fully implementing their customs’ laws, through the help of our law enforcement agencies— including the military through its Army’s Task Force Zamboanga(TFZ) under Col. Andrelino Colina.

“Yes, we’ll continue to enforce the law, and much stricter this time. We’ll continue to make apprehensions,” Colina vowed in an ambush interview by the media at the PPA wharf where the Customs Bureau office is located last Thursday, after their meeting with the visiting customs’ officials led by Sevilla.

IF only we implement laws darn well, sans any of our known notoriety, “Ningas Kugon”, we won’t be in trouble at all— I mean those in the rice business and those simply enforcing the law/s of the land can go hand-in-hand, in making our city truly a haven inhabited by law abiders.



I SEE a well-trimmed former ABC pres. Amman Nuno— very much in high spirit these days. A close source to the Nuños confided such an Amman new-look, sans the knowledge of Ka-Aman, himself, always enjoying his private life to this day— after serving more than 2 decades as member of the city council, representing the barangay sector.

“He enjoys his being a private person, but he’s projecting something that’ll even surprise many, come 2016 local polls. He appears like in his rudiment these days, as if gearing for any political undertaking in the near future, and that includes even in this upcoming 2016 presidential elections. We really don’t know his future political agenda,” the source bewildering statement came.

AS which party the Nuños are taking cognizance by now? That we have yet to find out.

“AS for Binay? His rating is going down. Sen. Grace Poe is fast catching him in the presidential survey, despite she’s a neophyte,” the source assessed. 

BACK to Ka Man, I  guess he’s open to even a higher post, if he has his choice.  Being in a low category, just the same, is but too small for Ka Aman. He needs a break for a much higher position, come any political exercise— maybe the vice mayoral seat is pretty appropriate for him. That’s just my own analysis, and hope you’ll just respect it.

NOW, what about that recent photo that saw both our House Reps.(Dist. 1) Celso Lobregat and(Dist. 2) Lilia Nuño from Dist. 2, in their rare picture-taking togetherness?

THEY were both flashing their big smiles as if the duo are enjoying each other’s company in the Lower House.

THAT priest, indeed, proved himself right that even mesmerizes me, as he knows politics in here more than anybody else,  merely in their swagger.

I DOFF my hat to this priest.

RIGHT now, If he happens to read me in this column, I’m pretty sure, he won’t like it a bit. He’ll even coil in his couch, eagerly and impatiently waiting (by chance) to pounce on me: “For heaven’s sake, don’t drag me into politics, please, Jun!”

Acaba ya kita ste!@

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