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A Merry Christmas indeed to all the BHW’s


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) In the Barangay eMedia’s program yesterday—”Motherly Yours, Lilia”, Cong. Lilia Nuño shared, to where now in the level of the House, her proposed bill for the increase of the honorarium of the Barangay Health Workers (BHW’s) in the country. Cong. Lilia has good news for them, and her news is such, indeed, a Merry Christmas one.

Cong. Lilia’s said bill was just recently ironed and all-readied by its sub-committee in the House which, anytime, to be submitted to the mother committee for the further due process like public hearings, debates in the plenary, insertions, and revisions, if there yet some needs by the congressmen themselves, and ultimately, in no time, to definitely become a statute.

Same eventual law will be such a big consolation to all the BHW’s in the country, who are giving their tireless dedications for the health and protection of the Filipino people.

Cong. Lilia is pushing this said bill because, as she described in her own words, that BHW’s, too, are ones of the country’s unsung modern heroes, knowing that they are the first in line of defense of the Department of Health (DOH) to any Local Government Unit (LGU) of the country.

Cong. Lilia elaborated further in her Barangay eMedia’s TV/radio program, that few of those who sat in the sub-committee hearing, as resource people, were personnel from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). These same personnel even remarked, upon seeing the entire picture, that it’s high time now for the BHW’s to be given a salary of grade 1. Salary grade 1 in the Republic is starting in the bracket of P 9,000.00.

If it can be true or once it can be implemented, thousands of BHW’s in the country will be benefited. Initially, this must cause a partial joy and celebration amongst them. And by experience, as Barangay eMedia knows, Cong. Lilia doesn’t start a thing which she doesn’t finish, and that simply means, BHW’s can indeed be assured a full focus of Cong. Lilia to bring the said bill through until it will become a law.

Another issue, which BHW’s became known to be champions, is the scarcity of professional health providers in the rural areas of the country, despite of the over production of nurses annually in our colleges and universities, which such hollow part is filled by the persons of the BHW’s.

BHW’s are ordinary men and women—mothers, carpenters, farmers and average citizens, who are trained to assist health providers in the country’s thousands of health centers. They are the ones who know first-hand situations on the health issues of all patients who come or visit a baranggay health center, because same patients could be the BHW’s neighbors.

Zamboanga must be very proud to the efforts of Cong. Lilia. Her endeavors won’t just actually benefit our local BHW’s, but the entire country. Notably, Cong. Lilia has been an outspoken personality on the health advocacy in the City, that since she headed the PCSO in its founding years here in Region IX until she retired and entered to politics.

While Cong. Lilia served for several terms in the City Council, and chaired the Health Committee, she also sponsored many City Ordinances which, as well, mainly concerned the health protection and boost of the Zamboangueños. Few of her sponsored City Ordinances were the CO Nos. 361—the no prescription, no dispensing of anti-TB drugs in all drug outlets in the City, and 307—the creation of the TB Task Force.

The TB Task Force in the City, who are serving as volunteers in the watch on TB’s detection, prevention and cure in the four corners of Zamboanga, has more than three hundred member-volunteers, and most of them are also BHW’s in the different barangays of the City.

Through their efforts, Zamboanga, for some time now, ranks amongst the top three in the TB cure rates in the country. For several times also, the Zamboanga City Health Office (ZCHO) has been be-medaled because, as already said, the City has been outstanding in the performance of the TB cure rate in the country. Zamboanga has even become a model which other LGU’s are emulating in the creation of their own TB Councils.

Such excellence is as well achieved because of the good leadership of our City Health Officer, Dr. Rodelin Agbulos. His brilliance, charisma and expertise combined to the dedication and volunteerism of our City’s BHW’s, Zamboanga has become an example to many. Dr. Agbulos is also happy to learn the development and progress of Cong. Lilia’s bill.

God’s priority is both to literarily bless and give us good health, “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” III John 2

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