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A disgraceful offense!


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

FAITH is God’s language. Without faith, it’s but difficult to please God.

By having faith in God, and by trusting him so much is the greatest honor we can give to him.

 The Bible saith: “Have faith in God… You much really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.” ( Mark 11:22-23).

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OWWA Regional Director Hassan “Sani” Jumdain is truly one of city’s local sons— being in this place for pretty long.

In-fact, Dir. Jumdain has decided to live in this place for good.

 THOUGH, a native of Tawi-Tawi Province, Dir. Jumdain has been a Zamboangueño ever since. Proud of him by many here, Dir. Jumdain isn’t merely a patsy nor a mediocre in foreign soils.

HE served as a diplomat for 17 long years, assigned in different countries— particularly in the Middle East.

AS such, he’s highly equipped with skills in diplomatic missions for our country.

DIR. Jumdain, at age 54, has a lot in store for yet more pubic service renditions.

HE may yet become an ambassador as he’s merely short a bar or two to climb to that position. And, young as he is, he may yet get that juicy post in the very near future, prior to his mandatory retirement at age 65.

BEING the current OWWA boss in the region and the environs, to include the islands of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu and Basilan, Dir. Jumdain takes his role with zeal and passion as he deals with his own people in his own turf where many of the OFWs’ next-of-kin can be found as legitimate residents.

WITH him up there with the OWWA regional office based in our city, our OFWs from this region, won’t have any insolvencies at all, getting in touch with their families and/or relatives back home, yearning to know about their plights.  AND, OWWA is just very much willing to help them facilitate their communication lines in reaching out to their respective families or relatives back here.

MORE so, if they(OFWs) are found in distress— hence their worried kin back home in here, are but direly anxious to find out how they’re doing out there.

 ALL these woes they’re saddled with, can be well expedited through the help of the OWWA here under the stirring leadership of Dir. Jumdain. By the way, if anyone with keen interest to know more of the latest happenings with regards to their working relatives abroad—I mean those OFWs faraway from their loved ones this Christmas season, just drop by the OWWA office here, located on 3rd floor of Metro Bank building, Brgy. Canler, ZC.

DIR. Jumdain is just glad to welcome and help you, guys. Make sure, though, you’re equipped with complete documents when deciding to see him or his staff, so as to make it much easier in addressing your respective problems and/or concerns. Feel free to visit their office anytime during office hours, as gladly announced by Dir. Jumdain himself to this corner when recently interviewed in his office (as invited).



A  top NAPOLCOM official nabbed by the police for alleged extortion?

 My goodness!

THIS is very shameful, and even a condemnable felony committed by a top brass of said gov’t office, having to do with police-related matters.

HE was identified by the local paper here as Atty. Macapado Guro, the NAPOLCOM chief in this region. He was reported as having been caught on the act of receiving P10,000 from 2 cops in exchange for supposed favor from the said office to help them duck a grievous case that’d mean for their dismissal from the police service.

IN an entrapment carried out by the Sta. Maria police under Supt. Diomarie  Albarco, upon complaint by the concerned cops, the lawyer- Napolcom director was caught with his pants down—as he was arrested on the spot by the police, as receiving( on-the-act) the said amount supposedly asked by the suspect.

A revolting offense, indeed! Makahuya’ gayot!



I WISH to divulge my own humble survey amongst the city offices’ heads here, and as I partially release, right now, its results in their popularity ratings stemmed from amongst their own staff and employees, it appears that City Administrator Jun Orendain is on the lead with 7 out of 10 surveyed— regarding him as their best, so far. Followed( tied) on 2nd, are Atty. Eric Elias—the city civil registrar and Erwin Bernardo—the city assessor with 6 out of 10  in the survey. 3rd is City Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos alone with 5 votes.

 My own random survey remains on-going up to year’s end.

NEXT, on my survey results, to most likely come out middle of December, will be on local elective officials. So, abanggan!@

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