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Thru ZCIA, drugs comes to Zambo


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The recent apprehension of the crystalline substance— called shabu, amounting to at least 250 grams in volume, did arouse a strong alarm to our local authorities. The suspicions of the Zamboangueño people were indeed true that the circulations of the illegal drugs in Zamboanga are proliferated here easily through clandestine shipments in the portals of the Zamboanga City International Airport (ZCIA) from Manila.

Such news is very sad to hear, knowing that ZCIA was originally built for the good of Zamboanga, but is now used as a new innovational strategy of some evil men to perpetrate their illegal industry fueling more deprivations to our City. How, do you think, can it be stopped? Believably, the accidental discovery of those illegal drugs, last week, was only a tip of the iceberg.

No less than the PDEA itself, in one of its press conferences, admitted that there is no laboratory of drug production here. However, shabu drugs are instead shipped here in the City, for the consumptions of the locals and to the neighbor provinces, through our ports like ZCIA and the local wharf.

Many months ago, still inside ZCIA, another drug shipment was apprehended by the airport police. Allegedly, same busted items were a trans-shipment cargo to a name consignment in the South. But after the apprehension, the consignee was found to be only a dummy name. The “lords of the rings” today, are wittier now in their strategies in their drug shipments.

Despite of the efforts of our authorities, illegal drugs still easily flow in their natural courses here and shockingly for no apparent reasons. One can always doubt that probably such slippery enigma is a manifestation of the involvement of some powerful men who are helping their proliferation.

Others believe that the advent of narco-politics in the South today, can be its very reason of immunity. In some places of the Republic, executive positions are quite expensive. Thus, men who are hungry for power are willing to for everything, even to sell their souls, just to be able to get such power. One great potential to amass easy money, to fuel their political ambitions, is the sale of the illegal drugs.

The military intelligence did also found out that the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is now as well are involving the industry of illegal drugs to sustain their struggles. Or even feed their members to induce them for their involuntary loyalty, because when they become dependent, same drug can manipulate them, then it would be very easy already for their commanders to bait them to the military.

Accordingly, there are certain inaccessible mountains in the provinces of Sulu and Basilan, believed as to be lairs of the ASG, are well planted with marijuana crops. Same crops, allegedly, are high in grade, which supply many places and cities in Mindanao, like the City of Zamboanga!

Drug dependency can surely deprave the intelligence of whoever’s victim. It is a kind of a cancer, untreatable in our generation. If you are a fan of zombie movies, you could reflect that drug addicts are comparative to those fictitious sub-state human beings—dead already but continues to function through some abnormal stimuli.

When a family has a member who’s a drug dependent, such family suffers a continuous perplexity. They constantly anticipate that same member may again steal valuables in the house to sell it, which proceeds he may use to buy drugs. Or one day, when he could be high, may get a bolo and hack everyone while they are fast asleep.

These scary scenarios are common, which we see on TV. Such can’t be far also to perhaps happen here in Zamboanga or in the nearby provinces to any pitiful family. Indeed, the drug menace is a modern curse creating havoc especially to our youths. Leaders, like Con. Jerry Perez, can be our modern day knights in shining armors whom we wish to save the City from the trade of illegal drugs.

Everyone is happy, once a news tells us that another drug den is busted somewhere in the City. Each bust brings a new glimmer of hope in Zamboanga from a pitch black darkness of drug addiction to our number of youths in the different barangays.

Just imagine, inside our colleges and universities, there are students, though attending classes but either high on drugs or selling them to their own classmates. This is a fact that our City police are not blind but are fully aware. Now this is worse, when suppliers of these same drug-dependent students are policemen themselves!

The industry of illegal drugs in Zamboanga City is a syndicated thing. This is why its existence is extremely slippery for any apprehension. And when individuals connected to the busted drugs are behind bars, they too will also just stay very short because hiring good lawyers for their release is not hard to do.

Friends, the fight of drugs in Zamboanga calls a constancy, because men from the opposite camp are sometimes more ready than the State to endure the ordeals of the struggle. Despite that drug lords know already very well, that they themselves, are on the losing side yet they still stand in their firm, because they also know that they can’t easily be uprooted in the said fight.

“Then they will go forth and look On the corpses of the men Who have transgressed against Me. For their worm will not die And their fire will not be quenched; And they will be an abhorrence to all mankind.” Isa. 66:24

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