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A pregnant mom, stabbed 40 times


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The Christmas must be very sad to a family in Cabaluay, whose wife/mother on Sunday night, December 14, was stabbed at least forty times which caused her immediate death. Such news is horrendous in a yuletide, it an unlikely picture, very inappropriate in a season of peace and joy.

Barangay eMedia’s reporter Partner Gino Franco Torres was the personnel assigned to cover the story of the incident. Believably, the crime executed last Sunday is today’s common headlines in all networks here in Zamboanga, and may the souls of the mother and her fetus rest in peace.

Their innocent blood is crying for justice, and until the perpetrator can be apprehended, convicted and be behind bars, the earth where their blood spilled, will continue to demand his head.

The jurisdiction of the crime is under the accountability of Police Station-3 of Sangali. Accordingly, the uniformed men in PS-3 are also enraged to hear the story of the crime. They, too, are agitated and are anxious to arrest the perpetrator.

It started in a simple drinking spree on a Sunday evening, a usual past time in a rural barangay like Cabaluay as many of its residents then are farmers who toil their farms strenuously every day. Perhaps, while already spirited, the perpetrator left the friends to proceed to the victim’s house at 10 PM, which is only less than 10 meters away, then committed the murder.

10 o’clock was a late night already in rural Cabaluay, thus, after the incident the offender did flee just easily to a nearby grassy property and simply slipped apprehension by the neighbors or the authority itself. He is still at-large but policemen are now in a manhunt operation for his arrest. It may just take a little time, but he surely can be collared soon.

From the place of their said drinking spree to the house of the victim, its distance is only a stone throw. The man must have been demonized! How in the world can he do the devilish acts unless he is under to an evil influence! It is again another cold-blooded crime which rarely happens to a place like Cabaluay.

The husband of the victim was not in the incident because of his work. He is a conductor to a local utility vehicle plying the route of Cabaluay-downtown, but their three children where their as eye-witnesses of the brutal stabbing of their mother. The eldest is only around six years old and the two younger as yet in their very innocence.

Just imagine the ordeal those little kids would have to go through because of the untimely death of the mother. In their young minds, they could be thinking why it happened to their shy mother. One more surprise, the perpetrator is a friend of the family.

Cabaluay is renowned to be a barangay of peaceful residents, who are most of them are farmers and everyone knows anyone. Friendship and bond unite them all the time. That is why, including the neighbors, not just the general populace of La Bella, were shocked to hear the fright-some news.

It’s again another lesson to be learned, if one can’t indeed avoid alcohol, only drink to as much but do not allow the liquor change your person to be brute or demonic, much that today is Christmas.

Few suggestions, when one decides to drink with friends, never bring along weapons—like blades or guns. You would know that it is also unavoidable in usual cases, where in a group some may tease that could cause irritations, thus, provoking in a friendly drinking session can possibly lead to an unlikely scenario like the story.

Sure after the stabber did get his soberness back, he must have regretted and so much that why did he do it and why to a pregnant mother. He didn’t just kill the woman, he also denied the young life inside the woman’s womb to be born and live.

While inside the Barangay eMedia working room, personnel talked each other in anger and seriously kid, if possibly, they could take the justice in themselves. They giggle to know the demise of a pregnant woman. Expectedly, no normal human being upon hearing the story of the crime that cannot be moved, thus are the men and women of Barangay eMedia.

The investigation of the police is still going on, but initially, there is no known motive that the husband, neighbors nor the police can find of the killing. Barangay eMedia will continue to keep you abreast for any development.

“And the Lord said, ‘What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.’” Gen. 4:10-11 ESV

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