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(Rice Smuggling tale): NAMES involved sound familiar


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

HARDEST ever to do is to forgive and love your enemies. But, if we want to be perfect in the sight of God, let us follow his will. The Bible says: “Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you’ll be acting as true children of your Father in heaven.”( Matthew 5: 44- 45). Email:



ARE these mere hearsays? Or is there a veneer of truth to all of these?

WHAT is so appalling is the fact that they’re supposed to be our public-servants leaders out to prove their mettle as such. Yet, all the talks and the noises they’re causing, that they’re, in one way or another involved, mesmerize us that bad, the more.

LOOK how their names continue to float and to our chagrin, it appears the more we hear their names, and the way they resonate muchlouder, no matter how we try to shun or ignore them, the more they keep on coming back, as if they just can’t escape from all these buzzes, tainting their names even the more.

AT-least 3 names of our supposed respectable members of the city council, persist to grab discreetly the limelight as verily linked to this raging “rice smuggling” issue.   IN addendum, 1 or 2 barangay or village chieftains and a city hall key personnel were said linked, too. With them, at-least 4 cops were also mentioned having poked their fingers into the pie, so to speak.

MOST if not all of them, accordingly, flatly denied any involvement, but too bad their good names have been besmirched, though we strongly cast doubts on all of these tales.

UNLESS proven, otherwise, with hard facts to back them up, they remain just mere gossips, though they hurt really that bad.

AND, their wrested amounts were mentioned, as well: at-least 2 of them split the P 500t while the other stashed alone the amount of P300t fromthis supposed rice smuggling exploit.

WHAT’s harsher here, for our part in media, at-least 5 names cropped up, and they seem pretty familiar to my ears.

Maskinhaka’, haka’lang ta uwikita, pero’duele, cay dolmakacrerba, cos’ same telltales are being constantly yakked amongst chatterers. Why can’t we just come up with an honest-to-goodness probe, huh?

Para acabaya se mgastoria— and then, mete out the punishment/s ought to be for the guilty ones, and spare the innocents. That’s just fair & square.



DON’T get peeved, if the local media here noted somehow certain glaring distinctions when treated them with X’mas parties come every Yuletide season by our city gov’t.

 That’s their right to compare, so don’t ever get pissed off at all. After all, what’s the use of being elective public servant-leaders?

AMONGST the substantial number of media practitioners in our city, when surveyed, right after lady Mayor BengClimaco-Salazar genially tendered hers last Monday (Dec. 15) that started at 10am and ended at 2pm, as the City Executive since voted into office last May of 2013, had (then) Mayor and (now) 1st Dist. Congressman Celso Lobregatas having a clear edge on this aspect, comparatively, speaking.

OF the bulk for Celso, they said that the known Lobregat’sX’mas party (in the past) with the local media was filled more with joys & cheers, coupled with games and surprises, as they brought homes with plentiful gifts ( in kind and in cash), and big prizes won in raffle draws.

BUT, at-least 2 who voted for Mayor Beng—deeply expressed with passion why Beng’sX’mas party with the local media is to be reckoned: “Mayor Beng treated us with respect & dignity during last Monday’s X’mas party. Elegayot personal ta dale mgaregalocunel media.She treated us as part of her family,” bared one veteran radio broadcaster.

“Mayor Beng mingled with us during the party. She was very modest and humble. She’s just beyond compare,” another journalist adored her.

But, overall, it was Lobregat, who gained more nods from the media who are used to gracing City Hall’s X’mas parties thrown for them every Advent of the Yuletide— to the point we miss the true meaning of Christmas—to welcome our Savior Jesus Christ unto this physical world out to redeem mankind from sin.

HONEST, this is a fair random survey, cross my heart.@

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