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(ARMM property issue): Filing of Mandamus is not the answer


(BY: JUN FELICIANO)  (Words of Enlightenment)

IF you take the law into your hands, it’ll even worsen the situation. If you take vengeance upon your enemies, then that’s not what it ought to be in the sight of God. God even says “Vengeance in mind.” Email:



MAYOR Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, we learned, is strongly contemplating to file a mandamus in court in the light of the controversial BBL issue, vis-à-vis its imminent take-over by the Banga moro entity of the ARMM complex in our Brgy. Cabatangan, upon its approval by both chambers of Congress for its enactment into law.

“IT’s not advisable. It’s even an ill-advised step on the part of the city gov’t of Zamboanga,” a top source from Congress expressed dismay.

THE source said, what the city officialdom should do is to adopt all our diplomatic skills in dealing with Malacañang, and not do something nasty that’ll even earn its ire.

“They should better get to know the real character of P-noy. The city officials here should never ever provoke the President by resorting to filing a mandamus in court,” the source warned.

Isn’t it Mayor Beng and P-noy are LP party-mates? Why can’t she capitalize on such a rapport— being even appointed deputy House Speaker of Mindanao while she was still in the lower House?” the source inquired in an aghast manner.

THE lady city executive should better be a listening mayor by now, before it’s too late to ever act on such a posture. Time is running fast on us. Cosa ba kita?, tan lingasa, o de pa’guate lang?



DIST. 1 Councilor Noning Biel III has expressed grave concern over the bare fact that Climate Change is killing us real bad, and though, he appeared unperturbed, nonetheless, if his time will come to bow from public service after serving his 3rd and last term in the council, who’ll probably take the cudgel in his district or in the entire city, for that matter, to see to it that his strong advocacy for continuous massive tree-planting in our city, should stay on with same impact, as always.

BIEL has been waging on his own, together with his mason brothers in helping take  care in the reforestation/restoration of the mangrove forests along our seashores: with his Lion’s Club and, likewise, with the Eagles Club— trekking the city’s known bald mountainous peaks like in Upper Murok and the bare Mt. Abong-Abong.

“We have planted  hundreds and hundreds of trees in these areas, already. And, there’s a need to continue the tree-planting even more, because of this Climate Change that won’t go, unless we address it by planting vigorously more trees to at-least mitigate its adverse effects,” Biel stressed.

 He said, aside from all these groups he mentioned, there’s their own Boys Scout’s similar mission here too, on same footing for massive tree-planting undertakings.

AND, if Biel finally has to go, for the meantime, as a 3rd and last termer in the council, we learned he has a son/s and a daughter/s— all graduates of prominent universities here and abroad, having their own doctorate degrees— two of them are engineers: one an ECE and the other a civil engineer, both are certified environmentalists, like their own father.

“Yes, Jun, they’re also very much engrossed in tree-planting, just like me,” Biel, with all modesty, bared.

 “Why not tap them to fill in your shoes in the council, Councilor?”

“I think that’s a good idea, Jun.”

Gana lang, Biel baya’. @

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