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JAWO’ tops my survey


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


How can we be sure we’re on the right track in our worship to God? Absolutely, we are! In following our Savior Jesus Christ, he assures us( as revealed in the Scriptures): "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except trhough me."( John 14:6-7) Email:






IN last Tuesday morning(Dec. 16)’s regular session, the council invited the City Engineer’s Office(CEO), and most members of the August Body weren’t happy as City Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo failed to show up. Instead, he sent his Asst. City Engr. Rodrigo Rebollos.


Of the queries they asked from Engr. Rebollos, at-least 2 couldn’t be answered thoroughly by the good engineer.


(Dist. 2) Councilor VP Elago sought these answers: the Sta. Cruz island’s supposed timetable for its completion, and reported dilapidated Sangali market that needs to be repaired the soonest.


BUT, the problem arose—particularly on the proposed Sta. Cruz Island’s development project.


"We cannot yet talk about its completion, because it’ll yet to be implemented by 2015, as more funds are needed for such project," Engr. Rebollos clarified.


Now, I managed to secure its proposed items for construction and their corresponding funds needed:1.) Staff house—P 2 million; 2.) administration bldg.—P P1.8million; 3.) local production bldg.—P1.6 million; 4.) pavilion—P1.5 million; 5.) gazebo—P640t.


SO, there you are, we can’t just blah, blah, blah, unless we know what we’re talking about. Sabe’ ba anay.




IF Councilor Jawo’ Jimenez finally decides to run for a higher post by 2016: either for vice mayor or for Congress in Dist. 1, I bet you, his father Atty. Cesar Sang" Jimenez, Sr. will make a sure comeback in the council.


Gana lang.


Jawo’ is making good in the council. In-fact, in my own current survey, Jawo’ tops it. But, it’s different if he vies for a higher position, especially if he opts to run against his own Ninong Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat, in case the latter won’t run vs. lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar in the 2016 mayoralty race.


AS for the vice mayoral seat, Jawo’ might find himself uncomfortable if his colleague, also last termer Dist. 1 Councilor Gerky Valesco decides to gun for same post.


AND, there’s Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain, a last termer, as well. The lawyer-councilor has been making waves, ever since, as a true public -servant leader. He has proven to all sundry, that he, a Muslim, can very well woo large voters from both the Christian and Muslim populations here in the city.


IN the last local polls, Sadain garnered the biggest no. of votes for the council race.


HIS performance in the council is just remarkable!


IN Dist. 2, only one councilor is known as a last termer. He’s Councilor Eddie Tupaz Saavedra, Jr. a crowd-pleaser, and can enamor big votes in any elections in the city. Councilor Saavedra is seriously considering to run in next barangay elections in Tugbungan, where he had served as its barangay chairman prior to launching his candidacy for the council seat in his district in 2007. Tugbungan Brgy. Captain Jun Graciano, a huge supporter of Councilor Saavedra, is serving his 3rd and last term in the barangay, and will most likely, run for kagawad in next brgy. Elections. Ansina lang man se.


C Consehal Saavedra para barangay chairman na Tugbungan ole’? Gana lang.


I’LL be poised to release my final survey results by year-end. Right now, it appears, those who are known as the ‘chatterers’ in the August Body, are leading the way. Let’s see if they can maintain their high ratings up to the finish.@

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