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Beware of thieves


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) One of the alarming news that passed through the reportage of Barangay eMedia last weekend was a house-help who stole some valuables from her employer. She was trusted to some degree in the house, but in the weak hours of the family she sneaked and stole expensive valuables. When noticed by everyone, because of her prolonged absence, there it was discovered that she already ran away, and could not be found or be traced now with the valuables.

We’re living in a generation where everyone could work, thus, who is left in the house are paid helpers. In this wise, trust then is very crucial because if one got the wrong helper, similar to this story, he can be victimized for either a syndicated burglary or just an intentional one-man stealing of your residence at your own nose.

When a trust is severed, the one giving it can be infuriated and could run after the offender in fuming wrath. Our laws also provide us plenty of statutes securing us ample of redress. But to be careful and meticulous to total strangers will still be a very priceless good attitude any employer must hold when hiring workers which would be involving trust.

Did you remember the film Home Alone? Part of the story was about blocks of homes left by the owners on a Christmas for their family vacations. It became a weak hour for the thieves to break-in to homes and ransacked their valuables.

The story could be relative to our individual houses if we will also be over confident to our things’ safety. Remember, thieves are, most of the time, wiser than ordinary citizens. They somehow have already developed certain cunning to take advantage the weak.

Robbery is not a profession or a vocation, but there indeed some individuals who find stealing as their way of life. As others say, it is an easy money job after all, but what if he can be apprehended? Consequences will sure be imprisonment and shame! In Zamboanga, there are still many jobs or ways one can earn decently without choosing illegality as the option.

Usually, thieves are lazy ones. They’re not willing to pay the price of hard work, thus, they go to stealing as they thought it to be the easier work. Folks, let’s earn every little increase in our lives fairly! Nothing could equal to see your fruits at the end of the day with a good conscience, because you earned them in a good way.

Our law enforcers must give their double agility in today’s holidays. The population of Zamboanga is now reaching to 1 million people and covering 98 barangays. To keep our peace and order with just a handful of them could be a daunting task. Hence, they take scientific wise moves and strategies to maintain the tranquility of our City.

Most of them can’t take vacations, just for Zamboanga to be safer. Homes need to also familiarize critical telephone numbers for an easier access anytime emergency can arise. One indeed cannot tell any unpredicted eventuality.

It’s a Christmas season, everyone ought to be happy. Nobody must be deprived of this Filipino value. But let’s stay watchful, we must not allow the wrong people to sponge our happiness—the happiness of our homes. We may indulge, but let us leave some level of sobriety that we still can protect our houses and families.

Men with itchy hands, stop stealing. Find a better job which you and your relatives can be proud of. Earn fairly. It is still better to burn your skin under the heat of the sun than to be flawless but each of the notes you’ve in your wallet are earned wrongfully. Don’t you know life has its way to demand everyone’s errors committed?

Think about it, food you can bring home on your family’s noche buena must be clean and not stolen one. But folks, don’t you know stealing can be in many forms? Corrupt politicians are, and that to include any public officer who steals money from the government.

“He who steals must steal no longer; but rather he must labor, performing with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need.” Eph. 4:28

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