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PERCY for Beng or Celso?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

GOD implanted in man complete with all the six senses.

BUT, the sixth sense, the most important sense of all, was robbed by Satan, Lucifer the devil when our first created parents Adam and Eve fell from God’s grace after they were both deceived into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree found in paradise Garden of Eden during the early creation of everything by God.

THESE 6 senses are: the sense of seeing, the sense of hearing, the sense of taste, the sense of touch, the sense of smell and most of most of them all, now rarely found in human, is the sense of faith. Email:


NFA provincial manager Gaudencio “Boy” Nuega Jr., on weekend, clarified their role, since the emergent rice smuggling issue came about in recent days.

“Ours is to see to it that the rice importation is well regulated in its supply for our markets here. Also, they’re cheap and affordable, especially to our poor people. They have to obtain license to be able to legally operate ( as dealers in rice importation). In other words, they’re properly documented(by the customs’ authorities), Nuega stressed.

HE said NFA has no jurisdiction in the apprehension of supposed illegal rice importers. It’s the customs’ duties and responsibilities, according to him

“RIGHT now, our total inventoried rice stored in the NFA warehouses in Brgy. San Roque, is estimated at some 400 thousand bags of imported rice, most of the importations derived (this year) from Vietnam,” Nuega  disclosed.

For ZC alone, Nuega guaranteed the approximate total of 280t bags of imported gov’t rice can last up to the 1st quarter of next year(2015).

AND, this is the same period, that the 2015 rice importation by our national gov’t is expected to start off, anew.

RICE importation, though our national gov’t tries to stop in the near future, is yet here to stay, as the country is constantly being battered by a series of super typhoons.

“We’re always on the alert in our preparedness, as instructed, in times of disasters, as we’re prone to all these fortuitous events,” Nuega revealed.

NUEGA said the NFA is after the welfare and protection of both the consumers and the producers of rice supply in the community. He defended the NFA under its AOR in the entire region, saying it never has any tainted record in any supposed rice smuggling activities under its AOR here in the city.

Nuay dao!



I BOLDLY asked over the weekend, when I chanced him for a one-on-one interview right in his office, if he’s a political butterfly—meaning he can easily change party, now that he serves under lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar( an LP), in his 2nd term in office, Dist. 2 Councilor Percival “Percy” Ramos( an LDP) has this, as a retort: “ I’m always a party-man. But, right now, I serve our Mayor Beng( Climacao-Salazar) as she is our current city executive. If, you also ask me whom I’ll support if both Mayor Beng and Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat( LDP) will face each other in the 2016 local polls, I cannot answer you, now. I will just cross the bridge when I reach there.”

GOOD answer. Councilor Ramos is getting wiser and wiser everyday. In-fact, many are keeping an eye on this 2nd termed city legislator from Brgy. Talon-Talon, as he’s said to be blooming these days, politically. “He’s gradually proving himself that he’s no pushover in the council. He argues well his piece every time there’s a heated discussion on the floor,” observed one political buff frequenting the August Body every Tuesday morning’s regular session of theirs.

“He’s very meticulous if he finds there’s something wrong in their agenda. He’s just like his former boss Celso,” another political aficionado keenly noted.

NOT really surprising his being meticulous, as the young councilor— prior to winning a council seat in 2010, was then Mayor Celso’s executive asst. for brgy. affairs.  Anymore asking?@

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