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No more illegal rice?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The good side of the influx of the Malaysian rice in the City is that its price, the average Zamboangueños are the happiest, but in all sides, there is no enough justification to excuse an illegal business. In the rice smuggling, the one being taken advantaged in the scenario is the government and in general the Filipino people.

This is the sad part of the story of prosperity in our City, yes a handful of illegal industrialists or businessmen though increased but at the expense of our government’s deprivation also. Remember, the supposed taxes that could be collected are for the improvements of our land, or indeed to Zamboanga.

Our City is really very potentially rich because of the limitless possibilities we’ve in terms of commerce. Zamboanga is situated in a strategic junction between the mainland Mindanao and the South, that to include Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. If this wealth can just be managed well, every person in the City can definitely benefit. But the real question is can our authorities stop the alleged syndicates?

The Philippine Coastguard did say, anyway, in a promise to bust these guys. We hope so, that it can be addressed very well. Another sector which is crying a foul is our local farmers. They, accordingly, cannot anymore sell their crops to their desired price because their very competition, the smuggled rice, is unbeatable.

Our market stall owners also, for they want to profit, dance the kind of trend of the day—the smuggled rice. They can’t be blamed also, the real solution is to go to the root cause and deal it head on.

The writer’s opinion is because smuggling has already been an almost accepted practice in Zamboanga, thus, everyone is now quite reluctant, including our public officers and not to mention corruption money alluring our men in uniformed, to deal the problem. These have defeated the ability of our authorities to actually bust smugglers.

But if the Aquino administration and his executives are really serious to introduce change in our society, it won’t be impossible. As they say, there is no giant the State cannot slay if she is only willing.

Most of the time, it is the complacency of those who are in power which makes the evil flourish, such could be the case in Zamboanga. Ain’t that obvious?

Enough for the words! The people want to see real actions and actions that will be consistent. Not a full implementation today but no more again tomorrow. Let’s break the negative Filipino personality of ningas cogon.

Money gained in a wrong way may stay but only in a short time because it soon dissipates like a smoke in the air. Nature has its way to demand the consequences of all wrongs done. Smugglers can die in bullets or by terminal illnesses, while corrupt public officers can lose their children into drugs or their very own families.

That sounds brutal, but there’s a truth in it. It’s a natural law that to what one sows is the same he shall reap. We never must forget that human beings exist to be good individuals.

But on the other hand, see clean people who increase their lives in a fair way. They grow older peacefully and their children succeed in life too. Their posterity continues to hold the helms of leadership either in the sector of career or in business.

Clean money guarantees a peaceful life. If you will agree, there in it a connected blessing, however, money gained wrongfully are easily sifted and are ordinary gone with the wind.

There are many who dream that Zamboanga can still have a change, and these folks are the majority. Baranggay eMedia is one of them. Our City has still hope to see a real change, and perhaps in our generation. After all, there no enough evil forces which can topple down the strength of the good. It’s always the evil which bow down to the good. It’s the light all the time which dispels the darkness.

“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” Isa 1:19-20

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