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CONG. Lilia Nuño’s wishes for 2015


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

GOD knows everything we do. We can’t hide our hypocrisy from him.

LIKE, when someone professes he loves God, yet he hates his fellowmen. If his attitude is like that, then he’s a big liar in the sight of God. The Bible even says: “If someone says: “I love God, but hates his brothers or sisters, that person is a liar. For, if he we love God, whom we cannot see, and he has given us this command, those who love God must also love their brothers and sisters.” (1 John 4: 20-21). Email:



OUR lady Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño in district 2, is imploring that we have to pray to God with all our hearts and minds, that ZC, by next year, will have a good peace & order condition, already.

“If we have an unstable peace & order condition, it’ll hamper our city’s economic development. So, let us pray to God that by next year, we’ll already have an improved peace and order in our city,” the motherly solon entreated.


THIS indefatigable lady House Rep. of ours, representing the city’s biggest congressional district with 61 barangays out of 98 in total number of villages in the entire city, who never runs barren in coming up with big plans for the city’s future, bared, over the weekend, her present focus to help really our local farmers improve their farming mechanism that can very well develop their know-how on organic farming.

SHE said she luckily met one expert in organic farming just recently, and she’s fully convinced that this certain Dr. Frank dela Peña from Davao, can help our city, at-last— especially in her district(2) develop and make productive our numerous unfilled lands, citywide, through organic farming adaptation.

“But, before we can identify what are these projects to be implemented in our place, we’ll first send, and let a number of our local farmers and women, be well trained  in Dr. Dela Peña’s farm in Panabo, Davao where he has developed his 2 and a half hectare-land through the use of his own organic farming. So, that when they return, we can immediately implement our envisioned projects through organic farming,” Nuño enthused.

SHE has other big plans and programs aimed to help alleviate the plight of our constituents here, particularly in her  dist. 2. But wait, let us put them on halt, momentarily, for what she wishes to happen first, before anything else, is for our peace & order to really improve.


MORE so, she’s very much particular, for our law enforcers here, to already implement honest-to-goodness, our laws— especially in arresting effectively the city’s worsening traffic condition that’s perennially a vicious sequence in our supposed highly urbanized community.

“I just came from a place near the ZCMC, and my own vehicle was stalled in traffic for hours in that area ( due to its gridlock ),”the congresswoman expressed her dismay.

 “We have to find a solution to this. Our traffic condition here is a mess really. Everything is mixed up, as we see tricycles, jeepneys, cars and even trucks that jam our too narrow roads. It’s very pitiful to see our city like this.  Our neighbors have now their own good and well-developed roads,” she further rued.

I ASKED her what could be its best solution, she gently replied: “Nicisita mobe ya gayot kita todo.”


WE can’t rely on the congresswoman alone. She isn’t a Superwoman.

“Hinde kita ta tene lastima, cunel congresista Lilia Nuño?  Hide na le joven. Pero’ compara cunestos mga patay, patay? Mga ploho? De pa’ guate lang? Ricivi, ricivi lang grande sueldo sin trabaho? Mas muchu epal lang! Ay ke bien makahuya’!” c Bogs man ya contesta? Donde caha’ staba ste?

“Bueno lang sos, sapando los buenos, para man grandstanding, pero’ para mobe? De hantal lang el vida,” na c Ador ya ladra tamen.

“Taki yo! No gayot trompesa cun mi idol.”

Otro ste C Nado de monte, cuchara mal labao lang siempre. Cun su, idol tan lingasa. Espera bos!

Talla ya tamen el tres! Donde caha’ stos yan layas?@

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