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Coalition or collision?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) “Combersa! Quosa Ba?” is a regular programming in Barangay eMedia, on a morning primetime, which is now creating an impact and a unique signature on the air as a hybrid presentation of current affairs and opinion of the best media men in the mass communication world of Zamboanga City.

Its regularly host is Partner Jayvee Faustino, Zamboanga Today Editor-in-Chief (EIC), and his different partners as scheduled from Mondays through Thursdays. The Monday edition yesterday, December 22, EIC Jayvee spent his conflicting time to a more priority schedule, thus, his Monday duo SM Belsie Agustin held the helm with the new kid in town veteran radio announcer, TV host and newspaper writer, the legendary Philip Abuy.

One of their miscellaneous discussions taken is the possibility of colliding political personalities on the 2016 elections. It is how Philippine politics are, friends now and enemies tomorrow or allies today and to the other fence also the next day.

The bigger names, who are loved more by the greater majority in the City, in the picture are Mayor Beng, and Cong. Celso for the probable mayoralty, while for the vice mayoral are the last termer-councilors Jerky Valesco and Jawo Jimenez, and the incumbent Vice-Mayor Cesar Iturralde. Nothing is final though, but it seems the political momentum in La Bella is leading to this possible peak.

The average Zamboangueños don’t feel it because their focus are the normal things—food, shelter  and clothing, but to the sensitive minds or the critical thinkers—like the media folks, stuffs are now clearer than the sun.

Partners Belsie and Philip predict that comes January a subtle manifestation of party machineries will start to be obvious though with a very cautious tip-toeing because our Election Laws in the country strictly prohibits early campaigning. But it is to everyone’s knowledge that campaigning in the Philippines can be done here anytime without violating any statute or law wittily. Shocked?

Unlike instead to other places, Zamboanga is still proud for its cleaner electoral fight. For example, it has been alleged than in Sibugay, del Sur, del Norte and worse to the South, elections are mostly won by money and a little of goons. There accordingly even places in the South where real elections do not happen. Everything is just done by a reigning present political power or a clan.

In Zamboanga money though doesn’t talk in the actual elections. Zamboangueños cannot be bought in bucks, yet? Opps, it is still a value everyone is still be proud of. That is why the former del Norte mayoral candidate who tried his luck last elections in La Bella found it to be different here. Yes, a higher paradigm plays here in Zamboanga and cleaner than the rest of the Republic.

But it doesn’t mean that machinations of wishful politicians are totally absent in Zamboanga. Bato-bato sa langit, ang matamaan ‘wag magalit! Let’s help to watch and see comes January or indeed next year, one year, at least, before the synchronized national and local elections.

Thus, let’s bet, not by money but by points, if it’s going to be a coalition still or an already a collision. One surprising fact, as mentioned in one of the programs in Barangay eMedia by Partner GIL Climaco that he never saw yet a public picture where the three high profile political figures were together—|Cong. Celso, Cong. Lilia & Mayor Beng. Where you also surprised?

All of us may just continue to presume that probably the political momentum of our City is still a by-partisan one. Yet despite, comes any of bigger issue which will determine the future or the safety of Zamboanga, the three powers always unite in one stand like the recent BBL stuffs, they are for its approval to become a law but Zamboanga City not to be part of it.

Other than the already bigger names, there are probably new players that do also have bigger weights because of their surnames or indeed their unbeatable performances, say BG Guingona. Many remark that young man could become a City Mayor one day.

Going outside the fence of the bounds of Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay Governor Wilter Yap Palma gets to be more fragrant to the Sibugaynons because of his man-of-the-word principle. The folks of the Olutangga Island did not vote for him but to his opponent last election. However, he proved that he wasn’t bitter to the islanders. Instead he concreted their dirt roads. Because of it, people there swear that comes the 2016, they may vote Palma in a landslide.

However, the writer observed during his travel last week that the concrete roads in Olutnagga are still one lane. Is that an implied presumption for a needed another term to complete it? Well, needless to say that everyone is willing to trade, because the lawyer-Governor is serious to his promise.

Barangay eMedia commends JCI Zamboangueña for its recent project to help a faster communication to our police force. They donated transistor radios to Police Station 4 (PS4) Barangay Culianan. In turn PS4 will also turn over the said transistor radios to the different barangay halls under its jurisdiction.

Kudos to Sherry Omar Kalugdan- President, Michelle Joy Alvarez Vargas- VP for Community, Mylene A. Lozada- VP Individual Ericka Vanessa Araneta Arat- Secretary, Fathie S. Idanan Basa- Training Director, Lynneth Coronel- Member and Emy Manuel- Member.

Their next similar donation shall be to the BJMP. Today, they sponsor a “Christmas Luncheon in Prison” party in one of the prisons in Zamboanga. They are doing the said project of donating radio trasistors because they believe in the capacity of Barangay eMedia. After donating the appliances to the PS4, they enjoin the station commander to stick to the Barangay eMedia.

“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’” Luke 2:1012

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