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DISGRUNTLED media group to form their own press club?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

WHEN totally free of the unrighteous seed( serpent seed), then we can verily say we are now at full liberty to follow Jesus Christ sans any demonic hindrance at all. The Bible even attests to this: “IF the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”(John 8: 36). Email: —***—***—**


ON Monday’s CH press-con, ZCPO Dir. S/Supt. Angelito Casimiro, many noted amongst the media present, appeared somewhat not really in his element.

“The good police colonel, looked simply perturbed,” one top journalist glumly observed.

IT’s always the case. Both, the PNP and AFP, are mandated to follow their respective chains of command.

“Just follow orders, ask questions later,” that’s always their avowed motto.

AND, so if out of the blue, there goes the announcement about their relief/s, that supposedly means one thing: for a promotion. That means they’ll either get a higher post or groomed yet to be, when actually, they’re thrown in a freezer—floating!


NO one dares to question it, not even the top honcho in the LGU, can do anything about it. No amount of howling or growling and even a vehement protest can change its decision, in most cases.

FOR, as always, they’ll reason out: “We want our men (in uniform) to grow and for them to grow, is not let them remain stagnant in one post.”


SO, when this buzz surfaced, that the good police colonel, is due for a transfer, probably, by Feb. of next year, many here  were simply taken aback.

“Nuevo palang gane’ ya keda regular komo ZCPO director, and now, we get this horrid report that he’s due for a transfer? To me, it doesn’t make sense at all. I just hope this is not true,” one top NGO official, who opted not to be named, remarked.

CASIMIRO is, indeed, hell-bent to stamp out criminality and all types of crimes, for that matter— including the high-profile illicit activities, like rice-smuggling, and the proliferation of the illegal drug activities, kidnappings, carnappings, etc.

HENCEFORTH, such horrid news  about his impending transfer  is a big letdown to us all here.

NO super-cop nor a super-sentry, can ever accomplish his mission alone by himself, nay the full cooperation and support of all the rest in the own organization/s.

THAT saddens us, in welcoming the new year on a sour note. Hope really, this is just a telltale.


WHAT on earth is this nasty report that a group amongst our local media practitioners here was somewhat disheartened over the supposed foul play employed on them by some officers and members of the Zamboanga Press Club during the X’mas party tendered to the local media here by ARMM Gov. Mujib Hataman the other day?

“Keber se, ya ace pa gayot canamon lucuras, ya aranka lang mga nombre di-ila, nuay diamon nombre incluhi durante kel raffle draw?  Puede tu se Sir Jun, scribe na di tuyu column?” one dismayed member in their ‘shortchanged’ group bared.

“Baca’ igual, igual lang kamo?”- na c Bogs ya duda’ man?

AND, because of such a ‘shabby treatment,’ this group is strongly poised to put up their own press club.

“We’ll tentatively name it Sir Jun, Zamboanga City Active Media Group(ZCAMG),” another from their same group buttressed.

“Quiere decir se bosing, forma gayot sila di-ila grupo?” c Ador ta ase su pregunta.

“Ultimo-ora, de cuantos tiempo lang se?” c Nado, maski de alla, alla, fuerte man questiona.

WELL, that’s always being expected, for how many times, they have created their own, yet we simply saw their passing.

“Ohala, bosing ste aura, serioso sila, y tene union, para hinde’ sila keda igual cunese ZPC, de sangranandas lang,” na c Bogs ya pica’ pa gayot.

“Tupao man tamen,” ya umenta pa gayot ladra c Ador.

Basta ya!@

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