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Travels Peaked On Dec. 24


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia monitored the different terminals—bus, airport, and the local wharf, in the City on December 24to check the throng of passengers. Amazingly, families are in their real heavy loads pushing to be able to travel back to their provinces to timely arrive before the Christmas Eve.

Such emotion is a Filipino tradition which has been impregnable since time immemorial. As they say, family first. Those boxes, baggage and packs are definitely Christmas presents to waiting relatives on their destinations and whose same relatives are also probably excited to receive such promised gift wraps.

In the different terminals, policemen were visible securing the safety of the travelers. The sun was scorching on December 24, but neither the travelers nor the policemen were bothered. Each, however, managed to improvise just to be able to make their day’s intention or task. From the point of any keen observer, like this writer, the scenario was a perfect picture of an orderly chaos.

In each terminal, Barangay eMedia did visit, its reporters were witnesses to a heart-warming or a moving excitement in the faces of everyone, and even to see the greater difference of the comparison of the City’s yuletide today than last year.

Observably, this year’s Christmas could even be exceedingly better compared, not just to last year, but also the previous years. Hope the present prosperity of Zamboanga won’t just be temporary but to stay permanent.

Noticeably, the entire December 24 until the Christmas Eve, you never could hear any noise of a firecracker or a pyrotechnic. Not one! C.O. No. 431 is found to be effective. Everyone’s cooperation then is unbelievable.

To the belief of Barangay eMedia, such observance is a milestone to the City’s history, which comparatively Zamboanga has been notorious to the sell and use of these stuffs as a matter of good commerce and strong tradition of the people. But the breakthrough is breathless!

It has been reported that in all the City’s hospitals, there was none, not even one, was admitted or treated due to firecracker accidents. Health providers, thus, were able to celebrate the Christmas Eve in their Emergency Rooms without disturbances. But each hospital has been on a level of preparedness since at the entry of the Christmas Season.

Church goers were on the highest number, probably, as Barangay eMedia tried to compare during the December 24 midnight masses in the different Catholic churches all over than last year. Visibly, parishioners went by families and are wearing in their either red or colorful dresses, maybe as to symbolize their joy and celebration of the season.

The City’s population are mostly Christians, therefore, to see such big crowds going to church in a special holiday, like Christmas, is expected. In fact, to many the yuletide cannot be completed without going to church.

Barangay eMedia’s Kap Fred Atilano posted in his Facebook wall that he and his family were able to complete the nine days Misa de Gallo and they also joined the December 24 midnight mass. That despite the man is a very busy guy and traveling from Lumayang to Divisoria church would take a little time.

If the momentum of Zamboanga’s good vibes will continue, it is safe to say that 2015 may be bringing many better things to the City. Plenty of businessmen and actual investors are now eying a stronger economy to come to Zamboanga on next year.

This is good news not just to the business sector but as well to the ordinary and average persons in the City, because this could be meaning more job opportunities on 2015.

Divisoria has been a sleepy baranggay for years until new infrastructure started to open, one of which is Barangay eMedia and the coming operation of the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) which is postponed on January.

With this development more business establishments are expectedly to spring in the stretch of the highway of Divisoria. A hear-say is even proliferating that SM Mall is now on a negotiation to acquire a huge property in Boalan, while the construction of the new airport in Mercedes may happen not anymore in some distant future but very soon.

“And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.” (Rom. 13:10-12 NIV)

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