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(Hotel exec. upbeat):“Business to bloom under Mayor Beng”


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

WHEN we manage to resist and overcome sin, and only focus on the words of God, we can become his inheritor, for we can inherit his kingdom in Heaven. God promises such a reward to all his sons and daughters, if only we obey truly his will, only. The Bible says: “He that overcometh shall inherit all things. And, I will be his God, and he shall be m son.” (Revelation 21: 7) Email:


TO the businessmen, what matters most, is whether the city, like ours, has the money for them to invest, and, of-course, make profits.

THAT matters most to them. Peace & Order?  Well, that’s their concern, as well. But, not really, as it only comes secondary to them. What matters most, is the (enormous) money there’s in here, that entices the yet many from the local business sector here to assertively swarm their massive investments here in our city. “But, of-course, it’s much better for business to flourish the more, if we have a stable peace & order,” one prominent biz-man here bluntly stated over the weekend. 

HE views business here to thrive well if only we allow our city to be globally known in the map. And, in what way?

RIGHT now, he agrees what Lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is doing for the local business community, and he amenably appreciates her for trying her level-best to put everything in proper perspective, here.

THE city, through our lady mayor(Beng)’s initiative, has its own so-called (Incentive Board?) reportedly headed by one Apple Go. And, this is good for our business in our own city, according to him.

“AS for me, I look things with an open mind. In-fact, I welcome the coming of big malls in our city, like what we are having now, the KCC, and even SM, Robinson and Gaisano. I’m also for the coming into our city, and do their hotel business ventures here, for good— especially those renowned 5-star hotels like Shangrila, to rise in our city. Certainly, these big-time investors will help put ZC finally in the world map. And, if this happens, there’ll absolutely be a huge influx of people coming from our neighboring provinces, cities and municipalities— doing all their shoppings here in our city. They’ll no longer go farther away, and opt their shopping sprees in other cities like Cagayan de Oro or Davao where they are pretty advanced in building big malls out there,” he unselfishly revealed his thoughts.

THIS highly enterprising man, who engages in hotel business, appears upbeat about the city’s booming business prospect in the very near future under the lady mayor, Isabelle “Beng” Climaco-Salazar.

THIS young hotel executive believes in holistic approach, so that everybody can share the bountiful blessings to eventually shower on our business sector, sans any rancor at all.

 “I look at all these with an open-mind. Let us not be selfish. let all of us share the bountiful blessings in our midst,” he revealed what sounded like somewhat his philosophy in life.

AND, such a pump-up talk (in business) can’t be denied at all, as the city thrives on, albeit the city’s stunting peace & order condition, because there’s money in here that just seems irresistible not to invest at all.



ZC Red Cross Administrator Vic Liozo, Jr., over the weekend, expressed his gratefulness to all sundry for being fully supportive of their cause—that’s to help people from all walks of life who are simply in need of help, including the giving of first aid responses in emergency cases.

“We have pretty good donors for our cause,” according to Liozo.

 Ecozone, for one, is willing to donate 1 ambulance car, the local red cross czar  informed.  Right now, ZC red cross is equipped with just two car ambulances, barely able to respond to all those in-distress calls— mostly victims of road accidents that occur almost regularly along our known narrow streets.

LIOZO plans to have each ambulance posted in both the city’s west and east coastal areas— to better address distress calls in these  two separate suburban districts of ZC.

“I’m really intending to have one each( ambulance car) for our east and west coasts, respectively,” the gregarious city red cross administrator envisioned.

IT’s dandy!.. as we welcome year 2015, while musingly bidding good bye to 2014.@

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