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A fire and a drug-bust on the weekend


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Four o’clock dawn on Saturday, December 27, a fire razed properties in Putik. The situation was yet too early that there were only two newsmen around to cover the report. And the duo are both from Barangay eMedia, they are partners Ely Dumaboc and Jonathan Jalon. It ain’t to brag, but it is just and indeed Barangay eMedia’s commitment to Zamboanga City.

Such news is a sad part of the celebration of Christmas to the Zamboangueño people, where everyone is happy and on his high. Generally, inasmuch, we would have wanted that all will be in gladness and not in pains. But this one is now another setback; nobody wanted it, though it just happened unsuspectingly.

In life, there will really be some inevitable things which we shall have to face head on and not to be drowned in sadness, because there will always be hope and a better tomorrow.  The job to help to those who are affected shall be primarily in the shoulders of the Putik officials and maybe the City Hall itself.

Barangay eMedia wishes to remind everyone to be very extra cautious this coming New Year’s Eve. Continue to check the wires of your Christmas lights. If in case you bought substandard ones, it ain’t yet late to dismantle them. Better to have no Christmas lights, though only for a time, but at least totally safe than to have your entire house lighted, and yet are also exposed to different hazards like fire.

It surely is not in the accessory a Christmas season is defined. It is in the condition of one’s heart. Rather forgive, reconcile and love your neighbors as you love yourself. The fancy will just be the accessory, but the principal is the real essence of the season.

When power interruptions happen, as sometimes it does, don’t place your candles close to curtains and other materials that can easily cause a fire. These are ordinary wisdom that doesn’t need even an ounce of science. Such is only a common sense. We will have to be personally accountable else we become victims that we supposed to be able to avert, had we only applied little wisdom.

Public officers will only be there to augment what ample preparations we have. We must not totally trust all to them, especially to those which we already can handle. Personal safety should be everyone’s priority, whether one is wealthy or just average. After all preservation is not in the basis of our earthly treasures, it rather is an inherent characteristic present to every human being, like you.

A couple of examples the writer wants to pound are: first, the area of how we keep our homes from burglars or thieves. As accordingly, men with itchy hands are on the rise during the Christmas season. Thieves can never break-in or take advantage any home if they could smell that the owners themselves are that ready or prepared. Preparedness is impregnability which none could beat.
Second, is the safety on the highway this season—my coach in driving did always remind me in those early days that to be a good and a safe driver, one must only drive defensively and not to succumb to a much aggressive behavior. For me, that makes sense, as most of the recent vehicular accidents during the Christmas Day were because of irresponsive driving.

The writer was with former Hon. Rudy Lim on his regular Saturday program in Barangay eMedia, he said that his good dad did always teach him that for a driver who’s on a hurry he must drive even slower to be able to reach to his destinations. The very truths on safety are indeed very relative to the values of the old man of Hon. Rudy.

Another issue which is very fresh now in the circulation of the local press is the recent drug bust of the City police which yielded good results of discovering a significant connection of the drug trade in Zamboanga. Thousands of money were also confiscated as these sum are allegedly the dirty currency of the illegal drugs.

It is such unthinkable that even on special holidays—as indeed holy and sacred, that evil man can still continue to perpetrate their devilish acts. The long arm of the law can definitely reach them and bring them to justice.

“We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 10:3-4 ESV

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