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“The Dark Knight”


(BY: BOVIC L. LUCERO) We know that the “Dark Knight” represents “Batman” the man in shining, albeit, in black armors out in the streets helping the good guys defeat the bad guys. The civilized and well-meaning people love him while he is hated by the underworld characters. Well, that’s in fantasyland, but in reality, “Dark Knights” are those people who bring chaos, upheavals, destructions, maladies, corruptions and everything else that undesirably affects the grass-roots and worthy fruitions of societies.

They thrive in all sectors of society, be it in politics, government and private sectors, academe, military, etc. The underlying causes could be “aggrandizing one’s self or creating opportunisms to fuel the ego but most of the time, the common denominator is Economics! Yes! For them Money is what makes the world go round! Amassing too much ill-gotten wealth will equip them with Power, the power to make the less-privileged subservient to their wicked ways.

These people will use all the dirty-tricks available to them to lure people into believing that what they do and say is gospel-truth. Such hypocrisies abound as they live a double-life, one that projects a life of faith to the Almighty and on the other side, a life adoring the power of the purse!

But alas! There are more people, who are bound by their strong beliefs and faith in virtuousness that will prevail over the evil ones. These people are called the “Light Knights.” These are the people that will influence those who walk the crooked ways, will imbue correct teachings to their children, relatives and be examples to their peers and colleagues. They are the watchdogs of wrongdoings in all spheres of society and will never be afraid to stand against abominable domination. For those who want to get out from the darkness, it is not too late to do so, just step into the light and be counted. You will always be on the right side!

This Yuletide Season let the Star of Bethlehem guide our paths as we travel through the valley of darkness. Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to all!

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