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END 2014 with a Bang!


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THE Truth hurts, but when you accept the Truth, the hurt will just dissipate.

 LIKE what is being taught to us by our own lord Jesus Christ, this very strong passage as written in the Bible, may not be nice to many from the religions/ denominations: “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandments of God, ye hold the tradition of men: as the washing of pots and cups, and many other such like things you do. And he said unto them, full well you reject the commandment of God that you may keep your own tradition.” (Mark 7:7-9). Email:



BREAKDOWN of discipline among soldiers in the AFP isn’t stranger anymore to hear about such an atrocious report.

IT has been there since Martial Law was declared by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos while in complete reigns of this country for more than 20 years since first elected as President in l965.

AND, the most recent that didn’t really surprise us, was when a marine sentinel gunned down his own superior, a Sgt, in Basilan at about past 10pm last Dec. 24.

PFC Dave Bryan Cerbito Abang, 23, single, a native of Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat shot dead with an M-16 rifle Sgt.Errol Molin Chaves 31, married, a native of Poblacion Bingwan, IloIlo.

THE incident happened when both had a heated argument inside their own(MBLT-11) detachment based at Sito Canas, in the town of Maulso, Basilan Province. Sentry Abang suffered slight gunshot wounds and now confined in a local hospital, in Basilan, a report disclosed.

There were similar cases in the past when soldiers and even cops just mowed down their own superiors, using their on issued high-powered firearms when heated discussions ensued amongst them.

ONE grisly  case, I could yet remember, happened in the 80’s when a marine soldier went berserk, and fired his gun indiscriminately inside their barracks somewhere in the outskirts of Zamboanga del Norte— killing scores of his own comrades. I covered it while yet writing for PDI, and it was its banner story the following day.

I WON’T be too flabbergasted if cases like these grab the headlines in media for the nth time. Hope not anymore, though.



OUR relentless fight vs. the serious proliferation of drugs in the city is indeed gaining ground these days.

WE hope by 2015, illegal drugs in ZC will go down to its lowest ebb.

THE latest successful raid came last Friday afternoon, when the ZC Public Safety Co. headed by P/Supt. Ariel Huesca in joint operation with the Ayala police station-9 under Sr. Insp. Karib Muharram clamped down on suspected dope pushers in Brgy. Recodo, known as the city’s main lair for illicit drug activities.

IN the process, they netted at-least 4 ‘high-profile’ drug pushers, and seized from them cold cash, amounting to P1.7 million, illegal drugs, explosive item/s and gun ammunitions.

THE police, likewise, impounded the group’s Nissan Navarra, a Toyota Hi-Ace van, a hand-grenade, 45 caliber pistol, 9mm pistol, IDs, aside from those illegal drug items, most likely the commonly-used “Shabu” among drug dependents.

ON separate raid conducted same day, the police arrested also 4 suspected drug pushers, and seized from them drug paraphernalia at Kalse Tai in Brgy. Camino Nuevo.

NOT bad, bringing down the curtain to wind up this 2014 with a strong message to all drug lords and their minions: stop the folly or suffer the consequences.

“Let’s give them the dose of their own medicine.”

 THAT sounds truly a stern warning from our top guns in the PNP and AFP here. They really mean business this time. Surely, they are!@

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