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Was it another summary execution?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Back to normal again, as everyone begins to compose for the start of 2015. It ain’t just the businesses and the offices around which are doing the same in a January 02, but also criminality in the City, another challenge that our public officers are again burdened on the task to keep Zamboanga’s peace and order.

Early morning yesterday, January 02, somebody notified Barangay eMedia of a dead body found in Asinan, Zambowood. A woman was allegedly shot with a caliber .45, she stands almost 5 feet in height, a little chubby, and based on the investigation’s first impression that she looked like a lesbian. Policemen were also already around securing the cadaver and initially did the necessary investigations.

Barangay eMedia had the chance to cover the exclusive news. With the aid and approval of the policemen around, partner Kap Fred Atilano was able to determine the identity of the person. After calling different numbers, from the phone found in the pocket of the deceased, Kap Fred eventually traced the husband of the victim as a resident in Baranggay Pasobolong.

The husband’s name is Romy Enriquez, they have seven children and accordingly his wife asked him permission to leave last New Year’s Day for some concerns downtown. They just wondered why she didn’t go home on that same day. Right away Barangay eMedia located their said residence and brought the family to Villa Funeraria, the funeral parlor to where the cadaver was brought by the authorities.

This is quite sad, as the City entered to the New Year with hope. It is unlikely to hear that such a criminality could be perpetrated on the same day where all are expected to be happy and in a celebration.

Found in the scene of the crime is a slug of a caliber .45. According to the investigator assigned, that probably the victim was shot in the same place where her body laid. The policemen are still determining the motive behind the murder.

In a live interview by the Barangay eMedia, the husband disclosed that they have alleged threats in the past days, though he did not describe things in detail. Well, it is understandable because such stuffs are the job of our law enforcers to go for the deeper investigation. However, the husband further said that they did not take the said threats seriously.

Certain speculations are now riddling the minds of our policemen and the citizenry all around for the motive of the murder. Barangay eMedia won’t quote anything yet until the official investigation of the police will bear out the official facts.

The relationship of Barangay eMedia and the Divisoria Police Station has already developed in a period of time, where both became good partners in any situation or crime to happen in the said station’s jurisdiction. A good example is this one, while our good public officers were doing their initial post mortem investigation, Barangay eMedia was at their side ready to do anything it has in its capacity.

That said cellular phone found in the body of the slain victim was a good clue, not just in the solution of the crime but to right away identify the victim and to locate her immediate family.

Kap Fred led the team            of reporters who responded to the crime scene after the notification. Through the advice of the public officers, Kap Fred coordinated Barangay eMedia’s station live to locate the family, in order to be able to right away identify the cadaver’s name, because there was no identification—no nothing, found in the body.

In less than 15 minutes Barangay eMedia successfully located the residence of the victim, her family and most of all her identity. Without such relationship with our policemen and the media, a kind of criminal situation may take time yet to run to be able to lead to vital facts necessary for the solution of the said crime.

In the emotional aspect of the picture is the grieving husband who could not somehow accept the unexpected demise of her wife. They also have 7 small children, whom the wife helped feed in the process. Mr. Romy Enriquez is an ordinary farmer by vocation and his wife, accordingly, worked to a certain personality who was giving her irregular tip or salary.

“Behold, when we come into the land, you shall tie this scarlet cord in the window through which you let us down, and you shall gather into your house your father and mother, your brothers, and all your father’s household.” (Josh. 2:18, ESV)

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