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(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of enlightenment)

FAITH is believing in something that can’t be seen with our naked eyes. This is another meaning of Faith. There are things that can’t be seen physically, yet they’re real. We don’t need to see it to believe it. For as long as they come from God, we have to believe in them. The Bible says: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11: 1). Email:



AS promised, Pencing, right now, is fully ready to release its results done randomly as who are the best of the best in 2014:

THESE results are arguably debatable, depending on how you figure them out, and we respect all your arguments—be they  pro or anti. Hope you respect mine, as well. LET’s unfold them( out of 50 respondents):


1.) Celso Lobregat—23

2.) Beng Climaco-Salazar –14

3.) Rommel Agan — 8

4.) Undecided —— 5



1.) Cesar Iturralde —19

2.) Gerky Valesco —  15

3.) Mannix Dalipe —— 12

4.) Undecided ———      4


DIST. 1:

1.) Celso Lobregat –18

2.) Melchor Sadain — 16

3.) Jawo Jimenez — 13

4.) Undecided — 3

DIST. 2:

Lilia M. Nuño — 48

Undecided ——   2

WE decided to pick only the # 1 vote-getter (in this random survey) for best councilor in district 1 and in district 2, respectively, as a host of our councilors in both districts got similar votes out of the 50 respondents:

Top-vote getter:

(Dist. 1)—Councilor Jawo’ Jimenez( 44)

(Dist. 2)—Councilor Kim Elago II( 41)

AS I said, this random survey is arguably disputable, and those having second thoughts about this casual survey of mine, may directly get in touch with me, if they may. I’ll be very much willing to justify its results. No problem.



RECORDS will bear us out that the city’s New Year’s Eve merrymaking midnight of Wednesday (Dec. 31,2014), was a milestone to reckon in our history, in so far as welcoming our New Year is concerned.

There has been no account in the past, that ZC had welcomed her New Year’s Eve Revelry nay a volume of firecracker-related injuries and even saddened with at-least a few deaths due to indiscriminate firing of guns by unruly armed revelers, some were even pinpointed as cops or soldiers.

LET’s review a no. of their( police) records: (Jan. 1-2)—no fire-cracker-related incidents, but merely minor cases registered, such as grave threat, missing wallets, missing cellular phone, missing motorbike plate no.; attempted stabbing, missing P160 cash, and one major case of premature explosion of a home-made dynamite for fishing that severely injured both hands of a fisherman in Brgy. Tumitus, Vitali District.

THAT’s all that it happened as ZC welcomed year2015— the “Year of the Sheep.”(30)

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