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A birador busted


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The Police Stations of Ayala and Sinunuc collaborated, last week, together to bust a drug-den and at the same time, such bust, also yielded the arrest of a certain hired killer (birador) with a standing warrant of arrest. Accordingly, this same man is responsible to a number of summary murders in the City which were involving to the illegal drugs, like customers who didn’t pay well or run away the stuffs.

In the City’s world of illegal drugs, this fellow is renowned as the garbage man. Why so, because he keeps those who disobey the rules of the game! The trade of the illegal drugs in Zamboanga is a dangerous world, whoever gets in there can’t anymore leave without a price, and sometimes the price is the very own life of the offender.

The Ayala and Sinunuc Police Stations, observably, in these few weeks or months are usually helping each other bust drug criminals. Their station commanders are young, idealistic and courageous. Through such display of leadership, their subordinates also emulate. Hence, they, too, ain’t now afraid to who evil groups they collide so long as they are the enemies of the law.

Things are not what it seems, another realm are co-existing in the shadow of our Republic’s democracy—it is the world of criminalities. Our policemen are the country’s (our city’s) bulwarks who are keeping our peace and order, without them ours will be a place of anarchy.

The drug menace in the Philippines is like the fad fiction of the zombie virus in the programs of cable TV. Many in Barangay eMedia are fans to The Walking Dead Series. Well the world of the illegal drugs, actually, is the real pandemic which is spreading the dreaded zombie virus. Why the zombie virus? Because once a person uses or is induced to use it can hardly be detached from it already. Such victim will perpetually become a slave and without the personal control.

It is the reason why the State fights against it because the illegal drugs destroy society. They are one of the termites which gradually destroy the people. Thus, it must be confronted with the State’s strongest force, regardless to who shall be exposed, for allegedly a number of public officers are also involved to it as protectors.

Somehow, even the Philippine National Police system in the country also needs to have new blood to challenge the cancer of our society, so are these guys in the Ayala and Sinunuc Police Stations—new blood. Kudos!

It is not a secret thing in our City that hired killers are all over, that accordingly a life can only be costing P5,000.00 nowadays. But drug lords keep their own biradors to erase all of those who are the thorns in their trade.

Rivalries of drug groups are also true. Thus, guns and goons are necessary for their impregnability. We, sometimes, as well could hear rival groups killing each other in Zamboanga because of some problems they meet in the process of their illegal trade.

Hence, our laws prohibit their very existence. The business of the illegal drugs is a tapestry of many evil. It ain’t just involving one thing but a complexity of numerous criminalities which must be stopped, and by all means.

Our City must not succumb to think that it is just ok to co-exist with them. Theirs is a different twisted world that must be apprehended, busted and destroyed to secure a free, clean and good society.

Zamboanga City officials and the police cannot stop their endeavors to cleanse our City from the traces of these evil, else one day we may just wake up to know that the generation of our youths are already beyond hope. Let’s work while it is yet day before the darkness overtakes the light.

“Then Joshua said to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.’ And Joshua said to the priests, ‘Take up the Ark of the Covenant and pass on before the people.’ So they took up the Ark of the Covenant and went before the people.” Josh. 3:5-6

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