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LET’s weather the early storm


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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WE started the year (2015) supposedly right, as our New Year Eve’s celebration was even touted as the quietest ever— relatively speaking.

IT’s a well-known fact in our annals since time immemorial, that ZC, in every New Year Eve’s merriment, was violently marred with numerous casualties being rushed to our different hospitals here, and most if not all, were firecracker-related injuries and deaths, as well, for there were gun-totters just obsessed to become suddenly “trigger-happy” in their eagerness to welcome the New Year.

AGAIN, thanks to our city legislators for having the guts to ban those known deadly firecrackers/ pyrotechnics already more of a harm than help to bring a joyful and cheerful New Year’s Eve celebration to our people here, in most cases.

Poreso, mas bueno gane’ continua implimenta strictalmente cunese City Ord. 431 that totally bans firecrackers, their bangers and the likes in welcoming our New Year’s Eve every year. I’m just happy to reiterate saluting you all guys, being instrumental for its successful outcome.

BUT, if we take a glimpse of its other side, it looks like same ugly scenario starts again to rear its ugly head, and it just shocked us right from day 1 of January: a 28-year old married woman was found dead with her body riddled with bullets fired from a 45 caliber pistol when found dumped at a bushy spot in Brgy. Boalan;  a radio operator  of the Universal Fishing Co. named Alexander Silaya was shot dead in Brgy. Recodo by a suspected drug pusher and an elderly man hanged himself in Brgy. Manicahan.

THOSE are but, perhaps, just a scrape of the surface. Now, what about the unregistered ones?

I HATE to say like a doomster, but sizing up things in here, it looks like same old story sans concrete changes at all, to metamorphose for the betterment of our own city and its people.

THERE is no shown flicker of hope at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. No clear indication whatsoever, if we start our new year on a sour note. Let’s see what’ll happen the rest of our days ahead, if yet we can savor an honest-to-goodness fresh start following a brief storm that swiftly sent shivers to our spines. Let’s hope and pray, the hex is just temporary.(30)   

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