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City Hall’s one stop shop


(BY: REV. BERLIE G.YAP) All public offices yesterday, January 05, started normalcy again. Other agencies also got so full on citizens settling their dues, to name a couple were the ZAMCELCO and the Water District. The City’s populace who observed a good compliance in paying their bills provided the longer lines everywhere, as anybody did notice yesterday.

The same lines everywhere were probably by the hundreds and mostly were under the elements. Good because yesterday the weather ain’t much hot anyways. So was the City hall also, applicants for the Mayor’s permit on businesses were starting to pick-up in number.

January to the business sector is an uphill month. It is their Calvary to comply their requirements for the renewal of their business permits. The original schedule of the said transaction shall cover from January 5 through 20, but depending on the influx of the filers that accordingly it may extend, probably.

Barangay eMedia, in the program of General Manager (GM) Belsie Agustin—El Negosyo, talked about yesterday, January 05, on this revived scheme of the City Hall of a “One Stop Shop” for the renewal and applications of Mayor’s permits.

The one hour discussion in the program revealed how easier and convenient now for business operators to do their transactions inside the City Hall, like soon as one enters the Hall’s building he can right away find a giant-size queue chart posting the flow of the entire transaction for the filing and renewal of the Mayor’s permit.

It is a simple innovation but very friendly to anybody, especially to one who is on a hurry. Business people do not waste their time, to them every minute counts. Time is gold, is their real motto. The City Hall understands this relevance, thus, it led to finding more ways to cut the long process to a rather friendly and shorter one.

In a scale it is a win-win advantage to both the City Hall and the private citizens securing the said permit. Additional scenarios in the City Hall today—both outside and inside, are extra tables, tents and kiosk along lanes just to be able to cater everyone.

For this year, filers can do all their necessary requirements at ones inside the City Hall. Unlike the previous where one would have to secure the fire clearance at the fire department and the rest, but today, no more.

The “One Stop Shop” provided everything inside the City Hall, though expectedly it may create a temporary throng inside the executive building. However a certain measure is also already executed by assigned personnel, at least to ease the people’s flow even a bit.

Expectedly, within the time of the said filing, a little traffic build-up may be felt in the vicinity along the City Hall. Policemen know, anyway, what to do to manage a smooth order in the streets of the City’s heart.

As per the advice, any filer must bring along these two simple documents—cedula and baranggay clearance. For the non-high risk applications, their building clearance can just be considered without the necessary prior inspections. But it will still be done though later. The advantage of the filer is the easy and convenient soon availability of the Mayor’s Permit.

For The high risk establishments, the process will still be regular but easier compared to the previous years. On eateries, restaurants and fastfoods’ applications, the City Health inspection will still be a crucial requisite, in other words, no shorter cuts for their category because understandably so, their specific craft involves food.

Barangay eMedia’s program El Negosyo will be replayed on Saturday at 10-11 o’clock in the morning, from its original time slot on a Monday at 4-5 o’clock in the afternoon. You may watch GM Belsie’s episode of the “One Stop Shop” scheme of the City Hall in full detail. It can be a help when you file yourself you own Mayor’s permit.

As Barangay eMedia always say, our City will have a better year then, today. The wounds we injured last 2013 is now healing, and La Bella is actually gradually leading to a more glorious momentum.

“I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” Rev. 3:8 ESV

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