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Was it really trespassing?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) A great-grandfather had a good heart to keep his two great-grand ­children, he was responsible in raising them up since they were little. Their mom went here in Zamboanga to find work in Ayala, to one of the canning factories, and had lived, since, here already for awhile.

Probably because the great-grandfather was already starting to feel weaker, he decided to sell their house in Leyte to transfer here for good. They took a long-distance bus and arrived in Zamboanga very early, at a 3 o’clock dawn, yesterday—January 05, at the bus terminal in Guiwan, and along were his 2 minor great-grand children.

One of the minors complained to their lolo that she was thirsty and hence, the old man, accordingly, went to look for water, but little the minors knew that it was, actually, their last time to see their lolo alive.

For quite awhile, their lolo delayed so much, so the minors started to cry. Their sobbing called the attentions of other passengers and some citizens around. A few attended them and later turned them over to the police who were around on duty at the bus terminal. While at the same time the policemen posted the old man’s status to their other colleagues, via icom, as missing.

In no time, a shooting accident was known by the police in a nearby residence, in Guiwan. Allegedly, a certain old man climbed a house’s fence, whose owner is a Navy serviceman, and had awakened everyone inside.

The Navy officer accordingly reprimanded twice the intruder, but instead showed provocations to the former with a bolo, thus the former shot the latter. Well, it was the former’s defense why he shot the man which led to the latter’s death. He added that before he took the direct fire to the intruder, he first fired a warning shot to the air. Obviously, he knows the protocol, being a public officer.

The cadaver was brought to a funeral parlor. The policemen in the vicinity at the terminal, upon learning the incident, asked the minors the name of their lolo, to everyone’s shock the identity was the same to the old man who was just shot minutes ago.

Because of the relationship of Barangay eMedia to our local police forces, the station was informed, hence, reporters were dispersed to cover the situation. Immediately, through the collaboration of Barangay eMedia and the police, the minors, the slain old man and their family in Ayala were brought and re-united together, though in a funeral parlor upon a dead corpse of the grand-father.

The incident was covered live by Barangay eMedia. Right away, different opinions cropped up in the process. A number of concerned citizens ventilated their sentiments and views.

A texter questioned the capability of the old man to intrude a house, for what reason, to steal? A 66 year old stranger to a big city and to carry a bolo! It is an enigma where the pieces of the puzzle do not connect. And not to mention yet that the old man actually was carrying a big amount, the proceeds from the house he sold in Leyte.

The Navy serviceman added in his allegation that the old man, accordingly, was with somebody in the intrusion. Giving the officer the benefit of the doubt, it was his training’s instinct to apply self defense—in an early dawn where he thought his family was at risk.

The shooting is now in the investigation of the police, and the same public officer in their custody. A proper complaint will be filed against him by the police to the court. The police’s investigation will be the basis of the case, and the Navy serviceman would have to hire a lawyer for his defense.

Another angle that is considered by the police, as was quoted by Barangay eMedia reporter Partner Ely dumaboc, was that the old man could a victim of the budol-budol gang who are staying-by at the local bus terminal, seeking vulnerable disembarking passengers for prey. Such theory came about because the wallet of the old man was scraped to the last bill—he lost all the money inside.

The pitiful minors sobbed uncontrollably inside the funeral home upon seeing their lolo now dead. They were tired and hungry. Upon learning the situation in the live coverage of Barangay eMedia, certain citizens who monitored the reportage sent food and other needs to the minors.

Believably, the entire city was moved of the fast paced eventuality which brought a simple family to a tragedy. “One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed.” (Prov. 19:17, NIV)

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