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Huesca bares: ZCPO focuses more on ZC’s Internal Security


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THE greatest equalizer to mankind in this secular world is Death.

 DEATH hounds all ages—be they minors, young or adults. Irrespective of our races, our religions, our nationalities, traditions, cultures and all sorts, Death is inevitable in this physical world.

The Bible says: “No one can live forever, all will die. No one can escape the power of the grave.” (Psalm 89: 48). Email:

THE first tasty cup of coffee offered me this fresh beginning of 2015 was the good office of the youthful councilor from dist. 2, Hon. BG Guingona IV. THEIR coffee was extra delicious personally handed to Pencing by his staff led by Tinong Anitan and its political strategist Peter Anastacio. Tks, guys.

WHATEVER happens to my Tukayu’ Jung Capeña? How true he already hangs up his jersey, and due to receive his hefty pension?

“Bueno era,” seems to be Jung’s likely retort. Anyway, good luck and may you enjoy life, as ever, in your twilight years, Jung. See you one of these days.



I DROPPED by the office of ZC public safety commander P/ Supt. Ariel Huesca last Tuesday morning, and the young and energetic police officer, as always, is well focused on his given task—that’s to ensure the internal security and protection of ZC.

HUESCA stressed that their recent crackdown on suspected drug pushers/users “is just incidental, as we’re more focused on the internal security of the city.”

“We remain always aggressive in our undertakings, particularly in our internal security operation in the different areas of ZC. Naka focus kami sa campaign naming against lawless elements to ensure and to maintain the internal peace of ZC,” Huesca pointed out.

HE confirmed that the city has been constantly under grave threats from these lawless elements, like the Abu Sayyafs, the disgruntled MNLF-Misuari armed group that authored the infamous “Zamboanga Siege,” September of 2013, and the other major threat groups like the lost command/ splintered groups engaged in nefarious activities such as kidnap-for-ransom, bombings, extortions and other urban terroristic attacks.

“It’s a good thing, that we don’t have any threat from the CPP/NPA rebel groups, and therefore, we are more concerned on these (cited)major threats,” according to Supt. Huesca.

The 36-year old top police officer said their major function in this community is to see to it that city populace here feels safe and secure under their watch.

“We just want to make sure that they( local folks) will always have a feel of our presence here to allay their fears,” undercored Huesca.

HUESCA and his group were hailed for their relentless campaign vs. all forms of criminality in the city on orders of ZCPO director S/Supt. Angelito Casimiro.

Huesca’s most recent exploit came at the height of the Yuletide period when they clamped down on the suspected lair of supposed hardcore drug pushers in Brgy. Recodo. Their sting operation resulted in the arrest of ‘high profile’ drug suspects from whose possession they seized a high-powered firearm/s, ammunitions, drug paraphernalia, huge cash amounting to P1.7 million, their two ‘get-away’ vehicles, one of which surreptitiously car-napped, according to a police report.

WITH a vigilant and aggressive posture displayed by the ZC public safety company under the leadership of this young PNPA 2002 graduate, the city feels it’s in safe hands, at-least, in its early going for “Year of the Sheep.”

AND, of-course, the sheep need always a good shepherd to steer the city to a better tomorrow, in the aftermath of the many crises that have wrecked our lives to this day.

CERTAINLY, our whole citizenry here will have to share their keen interest in support of our law enforcement groups spearheaded by our police forces, to holistically address all major concerns with regards to attaining a better place to live in, like no less than our own place, ZC.

OTHER related components will simply follow suit, having its own chain reaction that may yet result to our city’s renaissance towards its glorious days when genuine peace & order was dawning upon us all, as if it never knew any ending, at all— until, shattered completely by the martial law declaration during the reign of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, as President of the country for more than 2 decades in the late 60’s onward to the mid 80’s.   

THE rest is history.(30)

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