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The youth’s depravity is now manifesting


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) In a public high school—East Coast, a student was found on Tuesday, January 7, with marijuana sticks in his possession by his class adviser. The same student is still a minor. Barangay eMedia has been saying, and very vocally, that our government or the State must not stop its serious battle against the illegal drugs in the City, as this said discovery manifests the dire damage it is leaving to our youths.

Probably, anyone of  you reading this article, may not right away be feeling affected to the story because the student involved is not your son, but listen, that boy epitomized our City’s young people. There how many of them are already hooked to such monstrous vice today in Zamboanga, and let alone when they level-up to use shabu, syrup or intravenous drugs?

The class adviser reported the discovery right away to the school’s principal and to the guidance counselor, and then later to the police. The minor student is now in the custody of an agency to process him. The law provides that it is an offense when one is found to have illegal drugs in his possession. Because the offender was a minor, thus, he has no criminal liability, but definitely still, he will yet be processed accordingly.

Such report caused alarms or concerns to many sectors like the church. The boy’s action implied the kind of degree the moral damage illegal drugs has caused to our City’s populace. Accordingly, prime victims of this vice are the youths. A high school student, and a minor at that shocked many, it is unacceptable.

Another question that can be raised is the family status of the student. The first-place where values are taught is in our homes. Schools come only second. Parents do have the foremost burden to instill good character to our young. The children’s good behaviors are the success of the parents. The very fundamentals are: “children are only the reflection of the parents”.

There are common reasons why kids easily fall as prey to the illegal drugs. Few of them are broken homes, absentee parents, wrong examples parents show to their children, poverty, and etc.

Children undergo right away un-surmountable crisis when their parents separate. When children go astray, often, the parents are the ones to be blamed. The elders’ lifestyles are the children’s immediate model which they follow. If they see confusion in their homes, their lives will also automatically be mixed-up. We often see those on movies, but they indeed happen in real life.

Children are the best treasures to parents. When the latter trades the former to career and money, it is where the wrong starts to drag the children to unwanted pressures. Parents though how very busy, must give quality times to their children else other forces get theirs and cause the critical influence which can’t be easily detached when they grow old.

Fathers cannot blame their sons for smoking if they also smoke! Parents teach by example more and not in words. Words become without effect if actions are not in there. Children rather wanted to see the doing more from their parents and the saying. Thus, if a dad wants to see his children leave a clean life, he should lead them by good examples. As they say, like parents like children!

Then, there is poverty which is creating the havoc to most of the Filipino people today. This dilemma pushes many of our citizenry to either sell illegal drugs to sustain their families’ needs or use them as to anesthetize their life’s troubles that are caused by poverty.

Rugby boys downtown rather use their alms they collected, the earlier of the day, to buy the illegal substance which they think are cheaper than food. Getting high by sniffing those stuffs can temporarily transport them to a limbo to suppress their hungers.

These are some of the setbacks we see around as we aspire for progress and development in our City and in our country. It breaks the heart of Baranggay eMedia every time situations like these cross in the reportage of the station. We even can sometimes think that if somehow we only have a potion to easily or quickly change the evil of our society in just a snap of a finger, we perhaps have already done it.

However, at the end of the day, a clear realization will always dawn on to our beings, that every person is all the time, after all, accountable to his own actions—whether he is only influenced or they are the results of his own doing. You know why? Our personal free will! Every human in the planet is a free moral agent who is responsible to his own actions.

“Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” (Ps. 55:22, NIV)
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