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(LOCAL PNP vows): MORE campaigns vs. illegal drugs


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

WITHOUT repentance, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Unless, repented, by surrendering our will to God’s will, from now on, we cannot claim we’re saved, at all. Our Lord Jesus Christ declared: “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” (Matthew: 4: 17). Email:



RDO(93-A) Officer Cris Agad on Thursday, informed that this year 2015, the BIR is that strict, as most of its Revenue District offices, across the country, have failed to meet their tax collection goals given them by their top management under BIR Commissioner Kim Henares.

“We have tried our best to resort to voluntary compliance on the part of our tax-paying public, yet our tax collections are very poor,” Agad expressed dismay.

HE said by this 2015, they’ll be constrained to adopt stricter measures, including enforcing the Oplan Kandado on business establishments found to be delinquent in their tax payments; recommend the so-called raid case to run after tax evaders.

 “Enforcement means Investigation, Tax-mopping and surveillance to be conducted by our people,” Agad further revealed.

THEIR likely tax collection goal for this 2015, will even be reaching more than P 3 billion for his office alone, based in ZC.

“And, this is really huge, compared our target last year(2014) of P 2.4 billion,” Agad further bared.

He said their BIR top brass instructed them to not only meet their target, but exceed it.

“And, this is a tall order, really. But, we cannot do anything about it, because that’s the mandate from our top management,” Agad said.

“The aim of our mission, is that every given target should be exceeded,” Agad added.

Na, porseo, no estraña, c stricto sila este tiempo. Coopera ya lang kita, by being voluntarily “compliant,” or else, they’ll be compelled to enforce strictly their tax campaign vs. all tax delinquents/ tax evaders. More on this, to be precise, better get in touch with their office, personally, ok?



THERE’ ll be more vigorous campaigns against all forms of nefarious activities, including continuous buy-bust operations vs. illicit drugs in city.

THIS came about as the Sta. Maria police station-7 under Supt. Diomarie Albarico on Wednesday, raided two separate places under his AOR, one was their lightning raid in Brgy. San Roque that resulted in the arrest of another suspected drug pusher.

Este Brgy. San Roque, problematic ya keda ste tiempo. In past days, San Roque was quiet as a lamb. But, it’s different now, cay dol Tondo ya dao el situation lli.

Except for one isolated case of a shooting incident last Wednesday night, at Galvez Drive, Sta. Maria, “the situation is relatively peaceful,” Albarico assessed.

In that shooting, one Almijar Mawalil y Saladani of the said place, was shot and injured in the face, by a lone gunman said to be tailing him while he was driving his Toyota vehicle on his way home at about 11pm that evening.

“He’s said to be already out of danger, meaning stable ya suyu condition. And, perhaps he can already help us in our investigation as who’s his alleged assailant and what’s the motive behind the incident,” Albarico disclosed.

We have to be partners of our law enforcers as ever, if we want to help improve our own peace & order here in ZC.

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