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An IDP’s child under a jeepney’s wheel, dead!


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia was there right away when a concerned citizen called its hotline to inform the station about a 9-year old boy, an Internal Displaced Person (IDP) who’s staying with his parents inside the grandstand, was hit by a passenger jeepney plying the SouthCom Village via Public Market route on Friday morning, January 09, at the stretch of R.T. Lim Boulevard.

The boy died on the spot as his body went under to one of the wheels of the said jeepney. It was a horrible scene to behold. It was an untoward incident which the driver, perhaps, didn’t expect. But we have to face it, the hazards some IDP’s are posing to passing motorists along the City’s boulevard is not a joke.

Many of these individuals, particularly the young, would even sometimes stand in the middle of the road to invite running vehicles to hit them! Many of you reading this article maybe understand what Barangay eMedia is saying. These less fortunate people must be relocated ASAP to avoid the hazards they either could bring to themselves or the tax-paying motorists.

Another disadvantage the IDP’s somehow developed in the process of their temporary stay inside the grandstand is they seem to behave that the road/highway across is already their own community or suburbs which they can just behave anything they want.

What ample of local Zamboangueños have been apprehensive since day one, when the R.T. Lim Boulevard stretch was opened, was these IDP kids running to play in the middle of the highway would be hit one day.

As plenty of public utility drivers predicted, indeed their apprehensions soon came to pass last Friday. No good drivers wanted it or the IDP parents, but it inevitably happened.

The DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman promised that the Z3R will be done on the end of this month, Zamboangueños hope so. Zamboanga doesn’t want to see more unwanted spill of innocent blood because of accidents to happen in our City fares. Let’s remember the IDP’s are more than just Filipinos, they also are Zamboangueños who also need the local government’s attention.

Maybe, Councilor Musa can help counsel the IDP’s to patiently wait ‘til the end of this month to discipline their little ones to avoid the hazards in the highway of R.T. Lim Boulevard. These kids must play inside the grandstand, not in the road where motorists are there.

West Coast vehicles run faster, thus, if they hit any human body, his delivery will either be the hospital or the funeral parlor. Though there is policemen’s visibility in the area, yet their presence cannot still replace the moral ascendancy of the parents of these kids.

Probably, same policemen are also already tired of reprimanding these hard-headed IDP kids who would just jump to any passing vehicle to hang at its back. Anybody knows that it is dangerous!

These children are supposed to be inside schools to learn. Everything will boil to the relevance of family values. Baranggay eMedia would want to continue to encourage Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), who still are inside the grandstand and not giving-up their attempts to help the IDPs, and the DSWD that your endeavors are not in vain.

Your challenge is beyond human limits, changing one’s outlook will take a little time, but your job are to touch hundreds of our Zamboangueño less fortunate IDP’s. Parents in there must be convinced to send their children to school and these same kids, if possibly, can finish high school or even go to college.

Change is always uncomfortable. None can easily love or adjust to change. The war that was brought about during the siege more than a year ago led these people to an unwanted inconvenience. Their only hope is the real help of our government, and of course by us all. However, every step will have a price to pay which one of them is to instill the values of street discipline to their kids.

May there be no next accident to happen in the R.T. Lim Boulevard. Another issue which must be attended by our authorities is the alleged flagrant prostitution of some IDP women inside the grandstand.

“What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him, visit him every morning and test him every moment?” (Job 7:17-18, ESV)

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