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Ants in the local wharf


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Hundreds of bags of confiscated sugar were discovered to be lost by no less than the Local Executive—Mayor Beng, last week at our local wharf, in the custody of the Bureau of Customs. Obviously, she was upset of the phantom disappearance of the said confiscated contrabands. Her agitations on TV were very apparent.

Accordingly, the inventory of the bags registered over a thousand, but what appeared were only over 300. This discovery has created ripples of uniform headlines amongst the media then last week, not just locally but even to the national level.

The question of everyone is asking is where the hundreds of bags gone? Were there invisible ants in our local wharf? These insects did probably consume them. There worth could be millions, if a magic happened, such failure reflects again the actual need of our bureaucracy for a total cleansing and real transformation.

However, the officials in charge of the custody alleged that the tally of the said goods were not actually over a thousand but only more than three hundred, the same volume which were reached by Mayor Beng on her inspection. Yet, others say if they were only 300 bags, their transfer to the warehouse from the busted boat wouldn’t reach to a nighttime, as the manifest recorded the job.

Obvious inconsistencies were found and observed then by Mayor Beng, thus she ordered an investigation of the alleged disappearance. The public somehow hopes that the words of the officials of the Bureau of Customs were right, that it was just an error of the real tally. Giving always any party the benefit of the doubt, like this case. We will see how shall be the investigations to produce its results.

We appreciate the courage of Mayor Beng, she was wearing a cap and in her jeans, then proceeded to ask the warehouse, where the bags of sugar are placed, to be opened. She also was outright in demanding the Bureau of Customs to explain where in the world the other bags went. The scenario was caught on tape by Barangay eMedia. It also was the station’s headline at the close of the week, last week.

If things will just continue to be like this every day, our country won’t have a progress then. The Philippines needs real public officers who can’t be corrupted but stands to what are for righteousness.

In this side of the country—the South, things seem to be already predictable because of its smuggling problem since time immemorial. Yet our generation must stand now and call this wrong tradition to stop. If we increase, let us be in total fairness and not injuring anyone, most especially the State.

Mayor Beng! The entire Zamboanga is behind you, and also God. When a leader does not compromise, often he will be unpopular, especially to them who are in the system of corruption, but if he won’t just give-up, his endeavors will anyway eventually pay-off.

The media is the other balance in the picture. Like Barangay eMedia, we will continue to monitor the investigation’s outcome and transparently give to the public its official results. It ain’t just for mileage, but the real quest for truth and transparency.

Why is it, that easy money is the illegal money? There how many millionaires here in the South who did balloon in wealth because of the business of smuggling! All of us heard this already. This has been here, maybe, even before we were born. It is a kind of bondage which needs to be broken in order for us to see real honesty and good faith in our City.

But the candid question, why this illegal trade cannot just be totally busted by our authorities? Well, the answer is quite obvious and clearer than the sun! Some public officers are involved to them. Protectors and ninongs they have, which caused them to be impregnable. Smuggling in the South involves billions of pesos, thus, those who invested, though wrong, need their protectors!

Dear protectors and ninongs, can we possibly still give up our greed for the greater good of our country or our City? Much if we already have amassed millions! If men can’t stop them, God surely will!

Nature does have its way to recompense every wrong. Let us not forget that whatever a man plants, the same shall he harvests. One plants evil, evil also shall run after him and his family. “There is no peace for the wicked, says the LORD.” Isa. 48:22

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