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(France’s bloodbath): A reminder of our own Maguindanao massacre


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is principally meant for our so-called public-servant leaders, specifically the elective ones.

AS always noted, most are still immature, for they easily get peeved  to criticisms.

THE Bible even warns them: “If your reject criticism, you only harm yourself, but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” (Proverbs 15: 32) Email:


WHAT has just happened to those simply exercising their freedom of the press right in their capital city of Paris, France, is truly a big blow to us all belonging to the media profession.

Reports from said place, bared that 12 people, including the Magazine’s chief editor and most if not its cartoonists, were mowed down by gunmen armed with powerful weapons right inside their editorial office.

BUT, their law enforcers immediately launched their massive man-hunt, and managed to kill three of their 4 attackers believed linked to the combined Al-Queda- and IS(Islamic State) terror groups having their own base in France. One female accomplice, however, reportedly managed to escape and is being hunted down, too, dead or alive.

Its carnage brought to our minds our very own infamous “Maquindanao massacre” that also shocked the world when some 35 journalists were among the more than 50 people mercilessly gunned down in broad-daylight by a group of armed men suspected to be the henchmen of a top politician in the said province in Nov. of 2011.

THEIR only difference was that the France’s mass slayings that occurred only last week were attributed to the Magazine’s penchant for its satirical caricatures that offended certain religious beliefs, and in said case, could have something to do with its animation the Magazine came up in one of its publications in 2011 that supposedly insulted the prophet, Mohammed.

IN the Maguindanao massacre of our own journalists, it had not nothing to do about our religious differences in Mindanao, but more on their fierce struggle for political supremacy in the said province.

 WHAT makes it more upsetting is the fact that, most of the time, our justice system moves too slow for the aggrieved parties, who are mostly poor, to seek immediate redress.

UNTIL now, relatives of the massacre victims are still in grief and in pain, for justice remains elusive since they lost their loved ones in that bloodbath that occurred more than three years ago.

“C pobre quellos, unrato lang sentencia el justicia aton buluk, pero cay rico, amo se el resulta,” c Bogs ya critika.

“Sabe yaman tu maga abogao aton, sapando los buenos, caray sen siempre,” c Ador ya pica tamen.

“Pero’ akel mio idol abogao, hinde’ man caray sen. Ta cumpra pa cumigo café y poto na tiende d Bong,” na c Nado nuay tamen atrasa!@

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