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LILIA’s “No-Comment” remark


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

ANGER and/or bitterness are amongst the fruits of the evil spirit that come from within. They affect our spirit wickedly and can spell our doom in the end—meaning our soul will be dumped unto the torments of the fires of hell.

THE Bible says: “Get rid of all bitterness…Instead be kind to each other.”(Ephesians 4:31-32). Email:


“WE STARTED THE YEAR RIGHT, so let us continue to do it right,” implored Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño, a day after our city celebrated the New Year’s Eve sans any major unsavory incidents.

THE motherly city solon from the bigger district in the east-coast, thanked the city council for authoring the firecracker ban that came into immediate effect after its passage last year, and the police and all the other law enforcement agencies for successfully ensuring a very quiet and peaceful celebration, as the city welcomed the advent of year 2015.

“OHALA, ansina todo el año el celebration del diaton Año Nuevo del ciudad,” Cong. Nuño enthusiastically spoke (in the vernacular).

SHE likewise expressed elation over the city’s good start in its cleanliness and sanitation campaign, stating that it should better be sustained to the end.

“I’M very happy that we started our New Year on cleanliness,” Cong. Lilia Nuño aptly noted, as she took cognizance of our Fire Protection Bureau(FPB)’s massive washing up of our city public market site/s.

“WE need to sustain this kind of program on cleanliness every week (by our fire dept.) in our public market/s, as it’s there where our people here buy their daily commodities for their food, such as rice, fish, meat, vegetables and other edible items. We certainly need to consistently clean our public market/s to prevent sickness among our people who are frequently going to our public market/s,” Congresswoman Nuño, who chaired the council committee on health & sanitation while then a city councilor, appeared expressive in her discourse when interviewed by Pencing.

ON THE CITY’S TRAFFIC CRISIS: Cong. Nuño said there’s a dire need for local officials to sit down and study as how to ably address the city’s traffic problem. “We need the color-coding in our city, especially the motorized tricycles to put everything here in their proper place. We started the year right, let us continue to do it right,” she pointed out.

WHEN asked how she described the city’s tackling of our hapless IDPs(Internally Displaced Persons) forced to flee their homes at the height of the infamous Sept. 2013 “Zamboanga Siege,” the ever compassionate lady solon momentarily paused, then dejectedly gave her terse remark: “No comment.”

ESE pa!

ON BBL( BANGSA BASIC LAW): “The President(Noynoy Aquino) would want that by Feb. 16, it’ll already be in the plenary session to(meticulously) discuss the provisions in the BBL. We need to discuss it(BBL) thoroughly, so that it will not reach the Supreme Court. All its provisions (as mentioned) in the BBL should be within the constitution,” she emphasized.

HER MESSAGE: “2015 is Year of the Sheep, (carnero). And, for the sheep to move to their right direction, we need to have good shepherds( local officials). We( local officials) should be role models.”

 CONG. LILIA NUÑO’s open-ended wakeup call.@ 

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