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Poor Lamisahan, they deserve a better bridge


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Many Zamboangueños probably can ask, “Where in the world is Lamisahan?” Its baranggay captain yesterday, January 12, answered such question in Barangay eMedia. In his strong address for our local officials, he said that Lamisahan is, also, part of the City’s 98 baranggays! Thus, they as well deserve help and needed developments for their locality to boost the economic life of his constituents.

The baranggay officials of Lamisahan went to Barangay eMedia to seek help in any way possible for their dilapidated and worn out bridge which connects their baranggay to the City, to the market road, for the children to their schools, and their rural life to the City’s civilization. So Kap Fred Atilano, of Barangay eMedia, went to see personally the actual situation on site.

Kap Fred had his heart broken when he saw how dire is the present accessibility of the Lamisahan folks via the said dilapidated and worn-out bridge. Barangay eMedia has footages to how hard life is to these same Zamboangueños who are deprived for a better and a stronger bridge just because of some political jurisdiction for its needed repair.

Timely, City Engineer Officer, Engr. Luis Despalo, was the guest of the “Emedia Mo” program yesterday morning. Hence, he was able to answer and clarify this said issue straightforward.

Engr. Despalo answered, “That same bridge was a national project, and not a local one. Thus, the protocol, DPWH is the one who is supposed to be responsible for its rehabilitation”. However, the Lamisahan Bridge is just one of the many almost broken bridges in the country which must be repaired. Here is real the problem—BUDGET, a probable rough estimate of P40m!

The Aquino administration is thrift in its expenditures. No national project presently that can just be easily born or started without it to pass the eye of a needle! The Lamisahan Bridge “stuff” is not remote in actuality. It is the epitome to how the situation of our far flung outskirts in the country is.

Engr. Despalo opined, during the program, that somehow the City can instead put up a new bridge adjacent to the old just to be able to address the problem. Though, again it will take the long road of the democracy’s DUE PROCESS.

But how about the immediate need of the Lamisahan folks, theirs is a pressing one, and its emergency cannot anymore be procrastinated. On rainy days their lives become halted because the river overflows. In fact, now, in order for students, farmers, ordinary citizens and everyone to pass to the other side, they will have to ride habal-habals. Drivers of this improvised transportation are their heroes.

Host—partners GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging, of the program, Emedia Mo, teased around, just perhaps to get the attention of our City’s leaders, that Lamisahan voting population is 25,000!

In the political world, when a place has only a lesser population, that place is deemed to be the least in the priority of the elected politicians. Why? Their voting power ain’t that enough to garner again another term! But Baranggay eMedia could be anyway wrong to such presumption.

An old Lamisahan woman spoke, in an interview of the Barangay eMedia crew, her disgust to how their baranggay elected leaders had already been to different agencies and powers to beg for the rehabilitation of their bridge but to no avail, help never came. Off camera they somehow in humor remarked, what if they will go for the BBL, they could be given help.

Filipinos know indeed their way how to diffuse their hardships by throwing jokes amongst themselves using the situation as its subject, in such a humble picture Barangay eMedia parted ways with the Lamisahan people after its site visit to the place.

Lamisahan is off at the City’s East Coast, and is under the district 2 of the City’s zonification. Their situation is one of the many extremes of the City’s developments these past years. Progress is now inevitable in La Bella, yet there are still places here that are left way behind tens of steps in the said process of growth. How do you think this one can be dealt by our local leaders? Let’s see then as 2016 elections are coming closer.

“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.” (Isa. 43:19, NIV)

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