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TROUBLE smells in Brgy.Tagasilay?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

ANY life that doesn’t include eternity isn’t real life, at all.

WHEN we die, our spiritual life begins, that’s where our real life begins— somewhere in eternity, either in hell or in heaven. There’s no in-between, at all.

THE Bible says many in its passages about Eternity, and one of which stresses about Eternal Life: “They’ll go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.”( Matthew 25:46). Email:



THE female barangay captain of Tagasilay in the city’s east-coast, belied all the ‘reports’ coming out in radio supposedly maligning her person, and her being the top  public servant-leader in her village when facing the local media on Monday morning.

ANISA Francisco claimed, during a press interview, that her detractors, her own kagawads, are desperately trying to unseat her, and branded their move as politically motivated.

SHE urged the media to be fair to her, and not be one-sided.

“Debe era saka tamen sila dimiyo lao, y hinde’ man banat ke man banat sila cumigo na radio(They should get my side also, and not to keep on attacking me on the radio),” sought Kap Francisco.

ACCORDINGLY, most of her kagawads persist on hitting her on the radio, as they’d like her to give up her post, accusing her of not performing her job, being supposedly absent most of the time.

“Hinde se deberasan sir. Ta ace lang sila issue contra cumigo. Cay nuay dao yo del December. Taman house-to-house sila, man petition dao sila.Ta llama sila cunel mga vivientes para kita cumigo(That’s not true, sir. They go house-tohouse to petition against me, calling all the residents to remove me from my post),” she revealed. SHE turned the table on her kagawads, saying it’s they who failed to show up whenever she tried to call a meeting, as advised by local DILG Dir. Arakama.

“Quiere sila cumigo talla lang pirmi na barangay hall, pakimodo man yo mobe na mga proyecto c pirmi lang yo na barangay hall?” she queried.

“C quiere sila saca mio puesto, espera yalang sila el brgy. elections, y hinde man banat pirmi cumigo na radio( If they want to get my post, just wait for the barangay elections, instead of hitting me always in the radio),” she quipped.

Kap Anisa F. pleaded with her opposing kagawads to instead help her for the welfare of their own barangay, “cay yo mujer lang( as I’m just a woman).”

“C yan kamali’ man yo, atraca sila kumigo, y hinde’ man chismis sila contra cumigo. Dol hinde’ sila mga barangay officials(If I have made a mistake, they should approach me, and not to spread gossips against me. As if they’re not brgy. officials),” she rued.

KAP Francisco, in the said interview, mentioned some of the projects she accomplished in her 2nd term as the village chairwoman, like the construction of their brgy hall, the farm-to-market road/s and the construction of their water project in the village made possible by the office of Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia M. Nuño.

“Ta pidi yo canila para ayuda cumigo para bien del diamon barangay, pero’ nuay sila kere’(I asked them to help me for the good of our barangay, but they refused),” she griped.

SHE flatly stated that she won’t resign at all, as sought by her five barangay kagawads.

SHE said she’s poised to file a case against those kagawads rebelling against her.

“Man file yo canila caso, hinde’ na sila amo( I’ll file a case against them. They’re too much),” vowed the grumbling top brgy. official.

 THIS corner prays that both opposing camps— for the sake of their own barangay, should better come to a better compromise, by settling their dispute peacefully through mutual agreement that’ll redound for the benefit of their own constituents.

THAT’s what we’re hoping for, to avert any bloodshed anew in their own village that was violently marred when their own past brgy. captain, the murdered Esmer Francisco, was gunned down  about 4 to 5 years ago. The slain brgy. chairman of Tagasilay is the late husband of its now embattled female brgy. captain.

PENCING merely wishes that the local media— whenever it comes under fire by certain sectors for supposedly being biased, should better present, as always, both sides of any arising issue that tends to be critical to the general public.

THE beleaguered village female chieftain of Tagasilay— located in the district of Brgy. Vitali, some 60 kilometers from the city proper, had earlier lamented that the local media here, particularly our radio journalists, underhandedly lambasted her repeatedly sans getting her side, at all.

I SO believe, that’s not also fair to her. Now, she can very well say that her side has been heard, as well.

 AGAIN, may these two dissenting camps come to an amicable settlement, at-least a win-win setup, for the good of their own barangay. That’s all we can ask for, from them.

GOOD luck to both of you!(30) 

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