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(Rice smuggling yarn): “Whistle-blower” to come out when Senate probes anomaly


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

WITHOUT our knowing, Satan Lucifer the devil is the one overriding our human will that can make a god within us, to the point of no longer acknowledging God, his own Creator, and all the things that surround him.

THE devil is also a very powerful spirit that can put us all human beings under his spell, hence disobeying God’s will.

THE Bible attests to this: “You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devil—the commander of the powers in the unseen world. He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God.” (Ephesians 2: 2). Email;



MY good friend in media looks like bothered these days when we crossed path just this week.

JOEY S. Enriquez of the Zambo Pen, a tri-weekly local paper, bared that one city employee was out to harass him in his own house in Baliwasan Seaside the other day apparently sans any clear provocation on his part.

HE asked my advice what he’d do next, after he claimed his formal complaint filed with the barangay vs. the person concerned, appeared like it’d result to naught.

HE said he already brought the same to the attention of City Hall, and hoping his case be given credence against its own supposed abusive employee.

I cautioned him not to take the law into his hands, cay ele paman un certified black belter. Cool down, Joey Boy!



LTO-9 Dir. Atty. Aminola “Alex” Abaton has reminded all motor vehicle owners, on the strength of the recent directive of LTO Chief Atty. Alfonso Tan, to better be well informed of LTO’s phasing out of all their mv’s old plates, and when replaced with LTO’s newly- designed plates, they have to pay P450.00 upon registration of same, starting this month of January.

 “Entonses, ready ya dyostedes P450, especialment ese mga vehiculu’ tiene ending plate no. 1, cay  nuay escapada lli,” dol spokesman man ya keda ste c Bogs.

“Ya puede se man sierra, sierra, poreso,” na c Ador ya ase abuya el bagon d Bogs.

“Mio pahagat de carabao, registra pa bayo, boss?”

Otro ste c Nado de alla, alla, bien tanga’ lang siempre. Ese pa!



DEFINITELY, heads will roll, once the Senate will start its own probe on this raging rice smuggling issue that has tainted the more our pitiful city’s sagging image.

 A ‘whistle blower’ is said ready to testify and shed light on the rice smuggling uproar when summoned by the senate inquiry committee.

  “Yes, this(rice) trader is willing to become a whistle blower if and when called by the senate probe body,” a top source in Congress revealed this week.

DURING last Tuesday’s press-con at City Hall, the local media just couldn’t swallow  the fact how helpless and inutile our own bureau of customs could be— despite its highly touted anti-smuggling campaign in our country’s southern backdoor— particularly on this supposed rampant rice smuggling activity.

 THEY just fumbled easily when the fired-up media was in a frenzy – obviously, no match at all to parry all those hard questions that let themselves concede they’re simply helpless, and therefore better toss the towel in giving up such a mismatch-fight.

BUT, they aren’t off the hook, yet, as Sen. Cynthia Villa, chair of the senate committee on food and agriculture, is hell-bent to thoroughly look into this latest hullabaloo that has wracked the city the more.

LET’s keep watch on this, in the next few days as the senate inquiry on this issue, in most likelihood, will open this month of January.(30)

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