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Year 2014, the year that was! looking forward in 2015 with positive hope for peace and harmony


“ Whosoever openeth unto himself the door of begging, God will open unto him the door of poverty”

- (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

“It is the lack of appropriate political institutions today that unnecessarily sharpens that between minorities to the knife-edge violence. It is the lack of institutions that make minorities intransigent. It is the absence of such institutions that makes majority harder and harder to find”

- Alvin Tafler, The Third Wave (1980)

“ A Law on Mendicancy”

There is a law which prohibits Mendicancy (begging) but some people in government see if differently. To cleanse the city of beggars and mendicants according to one personnel from the City Social Welfare Office is a violation of the “human rights” of the mendicants! Come again, I asked, in one of our meetings last year at the City Hall Conference Room. This topic cropped up always when we discussed in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT) this writer is a member of this team.

With such mentality causing from the very people who should enforce the law, it is with great amazement the beggars increased in greater number. The Social Welfare Office of the city is abetting and encouraging them to beg!

Since it is a violation of the Mendicants’ right if they are collected, cared for, fed and giving them a descent place to live, then I asked the Representative of the City Social Welfare Office, if this department has any option/program to minimize or even totally eradicate begging, the poor fellow from the City Social Welfare Office was indeed shocked with that question thrown straight in his face.

I am sure this 2015 Meeting, I will not be invited to such gathering again because I am such a nasty creature undeserving of sympathy from the City Social Welfare Office. It is ok with me, I have no problem with that because I will say, what I want to say, for the good of the City.


- What are the great hopes that we look forward? To start with, peace shall come to Mindanao once the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which is expected to pass Congress and eventually approved by the President with the Corresponding Assent of the People in the area of Autonomy, the Plebiscite.

- This month, the Head of the Catholic Church will be in the county starting January 15-19.

With the report that the MILF hierarchy had extended an  invitation to His Holiness Pope Francis is a Muslim (affection  toward the  Christians (through the MILF gesture).

The Holy Prophet had his good stories from the Christians, later  generation of leaders followed in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet  Muhammad.

That affection was only broken when the crusades (with the pretext)of recovering Jerusalem from the Muslims was broken for a hundred years, and that stigma is still with the Europeans, Americans and even among Muslims with up to today forgetting that the life of the Holy Prophet Prophetic Mission had Christians on his side. History had attested to this fact.


Both the World’s Muslims and Christians in this Era of Interfaith and Love of neighbor as well as of God, must learn to admit mistakes.

Madam Tingting Cojuangco was quoted in the Sunday Life Magazine (Philippine Star, August 29, 2010) when she said: “There’s nothing more precious than admitting mistakes and figuring out a fallback solution to plan A and B”.

And one of the mistakes of the City Government was to relegate into the “unknown” Hadj. Abdulla Nuño Maas (Sr.) Founder of Taluksangay, he was the contemporary of Gen Vicente Alvarez, not one is talking about him except, people in the academe the like of Dr. H. Malcampo and Prof. Clemencio M. Bascar in their writing.

If in christianity’s great sin is disobedience to the law, in Islam  forgetfulness is a great sin. Adam and Eve forget God’s  admonition “ to approach the Tree” but they forgot! Now, you see it is manifesting this “sin of forgetfulness’ and it is damaging on the victims of forgetfulness”

Let us see (who among the City officials) will recover from such “act of forgetfulness an act of omission)   #     #    #

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