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GORY incidents trigger this early


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

JESUS CHRIST is both human and the One(GOD).

HE was the ONE (WORD) made flesh and dwelleth amongst us.

THE SCRIPTURE sayeth: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And, the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” (John 1.. 14).Email:



MANY strange things can happen to us, and such a twist of events in our lives can change everything—both in the negative and in the affirmative ways.

ESPECIALLY so, if it’s in the advent of the new year.

ONE bizarre incident occurred on Wednesday night(Jan. 14) in Brgy. San Roque.

IT was, indeed, a big misfortune that a young policewoman was a victim of a gun-related case when a bullet fired from a 9mm pistol ripped her chest apart that killed her instantly, according to a supposed initial report from the Sta. Maria police station-7.

PO1 Nuraina Tidal 24, single from Talungan Drive, San Roque is said assigned at the PRO-9 Hdqtrs., Abendan Camp. Brgy. Mercedes and in her growing career as a female cop.

STA. Maria police probers held a suspect in her killing, named as PO3 Jose Dexter Esquilana y Padua 40, married of Estrada Drive, same brgy.

They are looking into several angles, including a possible love triangle, a police source revealed.


LAST Tuesday(Jan.13),  a security guard identified as Eduardo Gandazan of legal age employed by 3 Aces Security Agency at a construction firm located at Km. 13, Lapaz in the west coast, was gunned down by suspected robbers in the area. His wallet said to contained money was found missing. His young companion, aged only 13, who was riding in-tandem with him on board their single motorbike colored black, was not harmed in the gun-attack carried out by 2 gunmen riding on board their get-away single motorcycle that immediately fled from the crime scene to an undisclosed destination, the police said.

ALSO on Wednesday(Jan. 14), the first fire incident recorded this year(2015) hit Brgy. Campo Islam, destroying one house and partly damaged an adjoining sari-sari store.

Fire probers estimated its damage at P30,000.

What made it a lot harrowing was that it rendered at-least one family in the area homeless this nascent year.

EARLY on, shortly after the New Year’s Eve revelry, a male college student was shot and seriously injured while driving his Toyota vehicle en-route for home in Sta. Maria. His attacker/s, according to the police, managed to escape after the shooting incident.


GHASTLY incidents like these aren’t only pervasive in one place like ours, but they’re widespread in all corners of the world.

THEIRS could even be more exacerbating  compared ours here.

THE France massacre that resulted to the 12 journalists killed and a host of others, as well, when armed fanatics attacked their renowned Magazine named Charlie Hebdo with heavy weapons. It was one of the deadliest attacks in its annals, victimizing members of the press in their country. At-least 3 of their attackers were slain when the French gov’t launched its massive manhunt immediately after the gory incident.

THEN, a spate of separate suicide bomb attacks marred certain Arab countries in the Middle East this January. The ISIS and the Al-Queda groups have stirred terror incidents in their known strongholds, anew, sowing more chaos and fears in their regions.

THE world is plunged in its same vicious cycle this early, and it appears more unlikely, that this 2015 would live up to its billing as: “Year of the Sheep.”

Baca’ “Year of the Goat” keda se año diaton bosing?” c Bogs ya duda.

“Buyak, Simbaku’!” derecho c Ador yan sublang cuneste c Bogs.

“Yo quiere yo cabrito, cay para ase papait.”

“Acaba ya kita cuneste c Nado, deberasan de alla, lla gane’ gat bos. El anghit hinde na amo, cay tragon gat bos de cabrito! Poreso, asta para baña, ta tormenta gat bosss!”

Ya cunsumi ya tamen c Bogs cuneste hente de monte.

Yan salawayun ya tamen el tress!@

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