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It can be rehabilitated soon


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Kap Fred Atilano recaps all his exclusive assignments on Saturdays during his weekly 7-8 o’clock program in the morning at Barangay eMedia. Recently he is accompanied with Barangay eMedia reporter, Lumayang Kagawad Arvie del Rosario, in his program’s presentation. The said program is quite interested because Kap Fred presents not just problems or issues but their very immediate solutions.

Notably, within this week, Kap Fred broke the thick atmosphere of the local media by reporting the dilapidated bridge of Lamisahan and the pitiful way of crossing its locals to the other side just to be able to sell their products, visit and exchange to the civilization and the children to their schools.

Many hearts were stirred when Kap Fred made his reportage including the City Hall. But prior to the assignment of Kap Fred, Cong. Lilia Nuño did already made tireless efforts to scour ways to find the needed funds for its rehabilitation amounting to P40m. No wonder, because of the huge amount, the national government cannot just easily dole them out to a small barangay which is somewhere in an almost unknown outskirts.

This is one of the dilemmas that our country faces—limited funds. But on the other hand, we’ve the Napoles’ plunder case and the legislators whom she connived, and many other graft and corruption cases, even way before the advent of Marcos to power. Or should we say that this is now instead the actual consequences of the greed of many, from the executive and legislative?

Prior to the reportage of Kap Fred, Ma’am Lilia had already worked silently to help her Lamisahan constituents. Her assurance is that the Lamisahan folks can have their bridge repaired soon. The Zamboanga City solon of the second district went from one executive department to another just to lobby the Lamishan problem, to the extent of being passed by one department secretary to another.

And we thought such could just happen to any simple citizen in government offices, but it also sure did to a congresswoman like Ma’am Lilia. Somehow, these are few of the extremes of the bureaucracy of our country—that before an honest leader can find the needed answer he/she will have to be exposed in the mercy of un-mindful officials who only were appointed, while the former was elected by the people.

But sure the sacrifices of Ma’am Lilia may soon benefit the Lamisahan folks. Their only wish though is that they can have their bridge repaired at least before the rainy season comes. Last Friday’s, January 16, traffic caused a number of accidents in the different areas of the City.

It was just a ripple consequences of some four electric and telephone posts which fell on that day, in a dawn, along Tetuan highway. Barangay eMedia thinks if it can be compared to the nature’s hassles, believably it cannot be quantified—in terms of material or, worse, the human loss! God forbid that the risks Lamisahan folks are exposed will eventually claim any human toll.

Another issue Kap Fred recapped yesterday in his program was the assurance of the City Engineer’s Office for the rehabilitation of the dilapidating foot bridge at the Picnic Ground Drive and the broken rip-rap at the Royal Lane Drive, both in Baranggay Tugbungan. Unlike to the problem in Lamisahan, the City can easily address the Tugbungan needs, because such problems are under the City’s jurisdiction.

Kap Fred showed back on TV how the holes and hazards of the Picnic Ground foot bridge are very dangerous to the locals in the place, especially to the children crossing from their homes to the school. One must just imagine their parents’ freights come the rainy seasons. By history, the Tugbungan River did already overflow for countless of times, exposing nearby residents to many dangers.

The global warming changed everything in the planet, even our City is not exempted from the nature’s alteration of its weather patterns. Super typhoons and storm surges were unheard words before, but they are the very ones overtaking many places in our country today. This is what the residents of the river stretch in Tugbungan are afraid of.

However, the Tugbungan River can still be managed, that if our local officials responsible will not be procrastinating in their promises. Barangay eMedia hopes though that attention to more pressing needs of our populace can be soon addressed before the loss of lives happens, which supposed could be avoided if earlier actions were done.

“Daniel answered and said: ‘Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” (Dan. 20:20-21, ESV)

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