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(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

THE Scripture is very clear, underlying the truth, that not all those calling to God, will be saved but only the obedient ones, doing his will.

IN Matthew (7:21), Jesus Christ reveals the truth: “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.” Email:



IN my continuous random survey, lady Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar has somehow regained her bearing from her constituents, very recently.

WHEN asked as how they view her lately, they agreed in what she’s fighting for: the bane in rice and sugar smuggling activities bolstered by her compelling new image as a fighter.

THEY chimed in one belief: “C ansina le dale mira na publico, pues nuay round c Celso cunele na 2016. Asegurao, takilit c Celso c man encuentro sila na 2016 para mayor.”

IN my last random survey, Dist. 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat led Mayor Beng only by a hairline—a difference of just 4 points.

MY next (casual survey) is ongoing, and its outcome done quarterly, most likely to move on up to election period.

YOU may reject or accept it, it’s up to you.

ONE thing for sure I can guarantee you, this is done but fair and square, cos’ there’s one closely watching me— my conscience!



MY big congrats, to our winners in the Batang Pinoy competition recently staged in Bacolod City, sometime last December 2014.

THEY brought the bacon—29 golds all in all, besides the silvers(9) and the bronzes(25).

ACCORDING to the gorgeous lady City Sports Development head Dr. Cecil Atilano, the Bacolod sports fest amongst the youths was done to tryout potential young athletes for the Batang Pinoy national team.

NOTWITHSTANDING of their brilliant performances in the recently-concluded Batang Pinoy (tryouts) in Bacolod City, our young athletes are extremely wanting for more support from our city gov’t.

THIS is but just so awful to figure out how our own city officialdom has shown its apathetic approach in its own supposed sports development program for the city.

THE lady city sports czar can only do that much— unless our top  city officials led by the good Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, should show their keen interest in helping really these promising young athletes of ours, by seeing to it that they have ample financial support in their quest for more and much bigger accolades( in sports) to reap for the city.

“Viaje kete viaje lang gane’ sila, aura nupuede sila mira el problema de-esos mga juvensito atleta diaton?” ya ladra ya c Bogs.

“Para di-ila pronto lang, pero’ para cunestos mga atleta diaton, nuay sila keber, buwsitt!” yan lingit yaman c Ador.

“Cumigo nupuede gayot suporta sila? Bueno gayot yo para subi coco’!” yacaba ya kita cuneste c Nado, lasang ya tamen ya pega canaton!

Ese pa!@  

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