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ZAMCELCO does their efforts


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) After what happened last Friday, January 15, ZAMCELCO even committed to already rehabilitate all their older and wooden posts. The leadership of the cooperative answered the unanimous question of the public on its regular program here in Barangay eMedia last Saturday, January 16, why those posts fell and what ZAMCELCO is doing to address the need.

ZAMCELCO admitted though of their daunting tasks, thus, they can’t attend everything just at one time. However, due to that Friday accident, it just motivated the cooperative to prioritize the replacement of these old posts as to avoid more accidents then in the future. Thank God though, that Friday dawn, nobody was hurt when those posts fell.

If it somehow happened at a daytime, probably many can be electrocuted because the stretch of Tetuan Highway is a busy road for passing motorists to and pro from the East Coast. God must be very good for Zamboanga for His protection to us. The linemen who right away responded to the emergency eased somehow the worries of many. Power was shut then at that same dawn until the midday.

The business sector also pleaded ZAMCELCO to indeed not wait another accident, which could lead to a tragedy, for the immediate replacements of older posts. Businessmen are serious in their intercession because their income was also interrupted that day. Admittedly, the economic momentum in the City picked-up and is pretty phenomenal despite of the many trials we went through.

It is the very reason why the business sector somehow irked a foul. It made sense as our City must gear itself ready, for this flood of growth happening now in La Bella, one of which is the availability and the price viability of the local power. Men, those who have invisible antenna to sense good opportunities, did feel that already way beyond the average Zamboangueños also start to perceived! Thus, they are sensitive to any interruption to steal their focus.

Unlike to the previous years, ZAMCELCO can now provide more supply of power in the City. Summer is coming and it will be expected that the power demand will again skyrocket in the country. So power rationing may happen again by the Maria Cristina. One cannot anymore imagine hardship in the previous years, but eventually ZAMCELCO has found its way or actual innovations.

In a democratic country, like the Philippines, the due process is a double-edged sword—it has at the same time advantages and disadvantages. But if we are patient the due process will sure bear fruits in its due season. Locally, our legislators must involve in the approval of finding the better ways to acquire additional power for Zamboanga City, hence it helped the lengthy process even to drag more delays.

The power need in our City is not anymore for the reason of convenience but for commerce and to meet the pressing needs of our time. Change is inevitable. If we want to flow with it to improve we can’t afford to fight against it but know to improvise to be able to make the most which a few started to already its benefits. The fruits of change must be shared by all, thus, we must be willing to trade for the necessary sacrifices.

Zamboangueños are very positive people, they’ve been through a lot but they know how to bounce back to recover. They sometimes disagree but always for the health and the betterment of all. Such was the case of many who perhaps right away reacted of what happened last Friday. Somehow such constructive criticism boosts the ability of ZAMCELCO.

Very nice to stroll to our City streets this time again, everywhere is lighted, you can feel the sense of security. The presence of the Taskforce Zamboanga is not a fear to the locals, probably because we’re used to it already. However, if one is from out-of-town he may interpret it as a negative picture of the serenity of the City.

Positivity is also a developed character that everyone acquired in the process of time. One can recall on the year 2000, bombs would explode sporadically in Zamboanga. How could a normal man survive such picture! Those were gone but they on the other hand provided inner strengths to the locals. Thus, a natural Zamboangueño always see a wrong thing to have a twin opportunity hidden under for his benefit.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.” John 3:16

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