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(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Kap Abraham “Abe” Tan, of Sta. Maria, gave his view in Barangay eMedia, during its primetime program yesterday, January 19, morning as the City Abattoir recently meted standardization of the butchering of animals for meat. Kap Abe seemed to opine that the said new system is not friendly to its clients like to lechon shops.

Kap Abe and his family own one, a local popular lechon shop which is loved and patronized by many Zamboangueños, along Sta. Maria. Like their family business, other similar shops as well recently whined because the new regulation enjoins everyone not to butcher anymore animals for meat other than in its facility, and without passing its approval.

It has been a practice since, that animals— like pigs for lechon, can only be slaughtered in residences or in any convenient choices of the owner, the reason: for a faster facilitation. In the business world, time is always at the essence, a little delay is a possible loss of a prospective little profit which everyone tries to run after, strenuously.

With regards to the lechon shops’ contention, their sector’s view seems to be also reasonable. Plus, they as well had since promised and above all delivered clean meat to every lechon they roast. Their defense is, none so far, in their years of business, after all complained for a food poising or other failures, however, hundreds of locals instead did already patronize their own products in the process. Their question why the change?

The City Abattoir gave also their explanations, even earlier, that this is part of the standardization of the City to uplift the quality of the City’s meat sold in the different markets and also to other relative businesses whose products are meat. The rationale of the former is to objectively aim a 100% quality to secure the health status of the Zamboangueño people.

That indeed sounds for the “greater good” of the majority. Who wouldn’t want health? Such new standardization is also based onto statutes and local laws, in other words, the administrative body of the City Abattoir only implemented such regulations based on laws to create the balance, order and general welfare of the people.

Undeniably, when police power is executed by the State, though it benefits the majority, will still unavoidably affect a few or a chunk from the whole. In the case of the meat standardization, few of those who are finding burdens are the lechon businessmen and the meat vendors. For them, the new inconvenience is pretty unnecessary and a disfavor for their humble businesses.

Zamboanga is a free City, thus those who belong to the cons can also anytime ventilate their opinions, so long as it won’t injure anybody. Our Constitution even provides a substantive right to any aggrieved party to resort a peaceful rally, if their grievances may call so a need. Oh, the blessings of democracy!

However, this level of freedom was always deemed to be seditious and anti-government during the Marcos Regime. But came the 1987 Constitution, a better environment of democracy was born for every single Filipino. In other words, these few reactions we can see on TV and hear on radios from affected parties is just but normal.

Another relief this same sector can do, if they indeed are not satisfied, is to go to court. Nonetheless, they can be an added pressure of time and money which small businesses inasmuch are trying to avoid. They rather suffer a bit to trade for a little steady income.

During the eMedia Mo program yesterday, the hosts—partners GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging, pointed how will that be for those from the East Coast if a family will want to butcher a piglet for a lechon de leche on a birthday, will a Mercedes residence still have to go to the MATADERO in Talungun early dawn for the slaughter of their piglet?

Can the hassles quantify the little pleasure a humble family whose sole desire is only to express small family celebration? Believably, it is one of the few glitches Barangay eMedia nailed so far significantly.

Change is, generally, GOOD because change is meant growth or progress. However, change on the other hand can inevitably bring immediate inconveniences to our usual routines, which we eventually loved in its process of constancy. Again, human beings are creatures of habit. Those who will be directly hit of the change can’t really be blamed or be scolded not to murmur, because it ain’t easy after all to be dislodged.

Nonetheless, the good thing, though every time, is when the same affected party starts to adapt,  and ultimately they, too, concede to the change for the betterment, accordingly, of everyone. Zamboangueños anyways are patriotic in nature, so to speak.

“Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and he will give them showers of rain, to everyone the vegetation in the field.” (Zech. 10:1, ESV)

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