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Certain sectors beg Beng to resign?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

EVERY one of us needs money, right? We can’t live in this world penny-less. But, what makes money a sin?

Money makes one sinful, and for that matter, all mankind in that evil state, if and when we get attached to it(money)—like falling in love with it(money).

THE Scripture saith: “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”( 1 Timothy 6:10). Email:



THE Sta. Maria police station-7 under Supt. Diomarie Albarico reportedly filed a case of murder against the suspect in the gun-slaying of the young female policewoman in one unfortunate night early last week on Estrada Drive. Brgy. San Roque.

THE detained suspect, also a cop, identified as PO3 Jose Dexter Esquilana 40, married of said village, allegedly shot dead PO1 Nuraina Tidal 24, single of Tulungan Drive of same barangay.

A top police source revealed that an eyewitness in Tidal’s fatal shooting claimed he actually saw the shooting incident, and that it was murder and not a case of homicide.

EARLIER, the suspect, accordingly, gave a different version, supposedly claiming the victim shot herself in the belly.

AN initial police report revealed the slain victim was heavy with a child when she met her violent death.

 WE can’t go beyond the merits of the case, as we simply based our accounts on the police’ initial report and its findings.

IT’s now up to their respective lawyers to argue on the case, whether a murder or a homicide was actually committed on that fateful night that snapped the life of a young promising policewoman assigned with PRO-9 Headquarters, Camp Abendan in Brgy. Mercedes. The suspect-cop is said to be likewise assigned with PRO-9 Hdqtrs. at same camp(Abendan).



ANOTHER motorist perished in a host of fatal traffic mishaps in the city, lately.

SONNY Boy Lape y dela Cruz 43, married of Purok 3, Brgy. Lunzuran was driving his XRM Honda motorcycle along Guiwan highway early Thursday morning with his back-rider Dionel Rebollos y Limen 40, married of Brgy. Manicahan, bound for home after a drinking spree in downtown when they suddenly crashed against a concrete electric post of Zamcelco.

DELA Cruz was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician of New Doctor’s Hospital while Rebollos was rushed to ZCMC for treatment of his minor injuries.

The police said they were both under the influence of liquor when they figured in the road accident that early morning.

THIS is precisely the reason why the LTO is on the threshold of vigorously enforcing its stern measure that’ll effectively address cases of road mishaps due to driving under the influence of liquor or drugs.

NO less than LTO-9 Dir. Atty. Aminola “Alex” Abaton expressly issued such a pronouncement in the latter part of last year of said LTO plan if only to curb or minimize to the least, the no. of traffic road accidents attributed to major causes stemmed from those erring drivers in control of their wheels while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

“THIS particular campaign is in line with LTO’s road safety program, nationwide,” emphasized Dir. Abaton in a recent press interview here.



IS there truth to ‘talks’ that certain sectors here are begging lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar to resign from her post this early for her own sake?

ACCORDINGLY, they could no longer bear to see all these ensuing maladies taking their toll on her—and, could be the reason why she looked like more fatigued and exhausted amid all the controversies hounding her administration, the latest of which is the rice/sugar smuggling ruckus.     

“Jun, why can’t the media ask her about this rumor, if true or not?” one top concerned citizen expressed wariness.

“Ultimo-ora bosing, rabia pa canaton, cay kita mga rumormongers,” c Bogs taman lingasa man cun su bosing.

“Na baca’ man pikon pa canaton,” c Ador yan lingasa tamen.

“Mio se idol c Mayor Beng, no mete gayot cunese mi idol,” na c Nado, todo yalang idolo suyu.

Ebos gayottt!@

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