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THE failed invited X’mas party


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

HOW difficult it’s to enter our Almighty Father’s kingdom. We have to even violently work hard for our own eternal salvation.

THERE are God’s laws so difficult to obey and follow, according to many Christians nowadays. One of which is this verse written in the Scripture: “You have heard the commandment that says, “You must not commit adultery. But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.(Matthew: 5: 27-28). Email:

THE banner story of Ztoday’s Thursday(Jan. 22) issue screamed: “Councilor Natividad denies alleged involvement in Zambo smuggling.”

THE council’s majority floor-leader (Dist. 2) Councilor Roel “ELong” Natividad vehemently denied such allegation coming from an unnamed texter, and was passed on to others via text message/s.

“De loko se, prims.’ Yo pa gane’ ta pella contra na smuggling,” the 2013 local polls’ top-notcher in district 2, rued.

WHEN learned of such a serious accusation against their own colleague in the August Body, one councilor from district 1, said he’s contemplating to sponsor a motion on the floor when their 2015 regular session/s will have resumed right after the Jan. 27 State Of the City Report SOCR), urging Councilor Natividad to relinquish as Chair of the committee on Peace and Order, to erase any cloud of suspicion in the public minds about his alleged link in the raging rice/sugar smuggling activities in the city.

“I am poised to file a resolution in the August Body, once we resume our 2015 regular sessions, asking Councilor Natividad to give up the council’s chairmanship on Peace & Order, ” he vowed.

HE lamented that the rice/sugar smuggling issue has eroded the image of the SP.

“Talli pa se Gas Scam, the abused use of the council’s “For Official Use Only” vehicles and now here we are, also entangled in this outrageous Rice Smuggling issue,” he expressed his dismay.

“We don’t want all these bad issues to drag on and become a big political issue during the election period, come 2016,” the councilor from the west, scorned.

“Na, acaba ya kita! Dol maka asco yaman cuneste diaton conseho?” ta ladra ya tamen c Bogs.

“Manada pa se mga issue, talli pa se umalin mga chismis cay dale lang dao balut cunel guardia, puede ya logra el gusto di-ila,” c Ador ya segunda.

“Cosa se quiere decir Ador? Ase dao claro?” na el de monte c Nado,  quiere pa gayot unu por unu pa aclara cunele. Bien bobonasao gat bos!” regaño ya tamen ya ricibi c Nado cun Bogs.

“Quiere decir tu,c tiene umera, tiene fuego?.” 

Dol tupao ya bos Nado!@



IT’D  appear a red-letter day for a special group from the local media during Yuletide’s penultimate season early of January.

ONE known public figure here, vested one from the local media to convey his plan for his never-too-late Christmas Party he’d tender to his few friends in the media, but it just didn’t work out as intended, because the venue for such an affair was said as already fully booked.

BUT, the trouble cropped up. The assigned coordinator for the failed X’mas bash, already contacted several media practitioners to be there for the occasion, as invited.

NOW, these invited media-men, up to this day, are still inquiring about the invitation extended to them by the embattled radio journalist, much earlier.

“I don’t know really how to explain to them, Jun. I tried to contact this good friend of ours, but he seems to snub us,” he griped.

ESE pa!@ 

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