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Cong. Celso was in the house


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Generally, a busy congressman can be difficult to slice a LONGER quality time for an interview, as the main guest, in a morning program to a radio station, but unbelievably this seeming unwritten rule was defied by Cong. Celso when he accepted the invitation. And thus was a guest in the primetime program of “Emedia Mo” yesterday, January 23, morning in Barangay eMedia. In fact the program went overtime, because the issue discussions were very interesting.

The City is always anxious, to hear the charismatic solon, every time when he speaks particularly on the issue of the BBL. Probably, he inherited the same passion from her late mother, both constantly stood for the exclusion of La Bella from any autonomy in the leadership of the Moro here in Mindanao. Their stand has always been explicit and uncompromising.

He even went to the extent of going to the Supreme Court as the only non-lawyer to argue a proceeding. We often, as well, could hear in his speeches that he is proud of it. Most media outfits and personnel were also given soft copies of that said proceeding, as the documentation of that outstanding contest. In fairness, his speech did maybe win that debate for the favor of Zamboanga and the rest at the camp of Cong Celso.

However, accordingly, same privilege speech is criticized by few lawyers with their own reasons, when they are asked off-cam. It’s a free country anyway, everyone has the right to speak or ventilate his own opinions without liabilities. Such privilege is a substantive right protected by our present 1987 Constitution. Men unused to it though, like China before, view such freedom critically as a malady. Well, theirs is communism—no freedom of speech and expression.

Cong. Celso disclosed to Barangay eMedia that many of his colleagues in Congress are quite reluctant on the issue of the BBL, even to some Mindanaon legislators. Only a handful is pretty vocal or critical about it, and impliedly, in the interview, his emphasis pointed that he is one of those courageous guys. Despite, he opined that BBL may soon become a statute, but he also emphatically pounded, with the exclusion of Zamboanga City.

Indeed, without dispute, Cong. Celso is very vocal on the BBL, not just in the national scene but even during the coverage of the marathon public hearings conducted in the key cities and provinces in Mindanao. His voice was heard as often the rhetorical sentiment of those who are unwilling for the inclusion BBL. Malacañang even summoned him because of it.

Cong. Celso has been a champion since for the Mindanaons who are not willing for the establishment of any power or sovereignty in the island other than the Republic’s. Talking about those public hearings, his oppositions were somehow deemed, by his critics, as only a media mileage for his career ambitions.

Again, nobody can judge, and to his critics none also can stop them to speak their opinions. Cong. Celso is an objective man, and his momentum is always driven with a focus. His origin was from the corporate world. His discipline is mostly in the inclination of a good management, where he does things only work and nothing personal to it.

Thus, he speaks his convictions regardless whether they are popular or not, but its ultimate goal is for the good of everyone. Candidly, because of it, his critics really do not like him, yet it is in this same trait or character that they likewise are inevitably won to appreciate his efforts.

The solon is a very good speaker, that even the seasoned and veteran announcers GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging were overshadowed in their exchanges. Unbelievably, in the history of Barangay eMedia, the interview yesterday broke the record of overtime to a slotted program. The former even teased that his appearance in the latter’s program did increase its rating, nobody can tell.

With regards to the humored collision of the Lobregat and Climaco on the 2016 elections, Cong. Celso managed to slip in his answers by excusing that he has no concrete plans yet about the future, however, his endeavors are all dedicated for the present to serve his constituents. In spite of the several attempts of the program hosts, Partners GIL and Rey, he stood his ground to indirectly answer the same question.

It was actually a supposed chance to hear from the horse’s mouth the clear-cut answer to the possible shifts in the local race for the 2016, but to the dismay of all, the question remained unanswered. That makes everything to be more suspensive in the coming days.

But admittedly, Zamboanga City needs both Celso and Beng in such at time like now. Whether they collide or still connect, the Zamboangueño people will continue to look-up to their leadership. Both are still in their first terms of their present positions. Many somehow are content of their alliance and are probably not ready, if they split.

“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” (Isa 1:19-20, ESV)

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