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THE reason behind national gov’t’ apathy


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

DON’T ever be afraid of your enemy.  Pray for them, instead, because God will either bless or enlighten them. IN that manner, God will even protect you from your enemy.

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WAS that huge explosion near the Guiwan Bus Terminal due to an overheat/ leaky gas tank or was it, indeed, triggered by a planted/lobbed deadly explosive device?

Most probably, by this time, our bomb squad experts from both the PNP and the AFP based here in our city, must have had the possible clues after gathering and collating those hard evidence/s retrieved or sipped from the debris of the bomb scene after that broad-daylight powerful blast that rocked the densely-populated barangay of Guiwan— resulting to at-least one person killed and over 30 others injured that bloody Friday afternoon(Jan. 23).

MAYOR Beng Climaco-Salazar who rushed to the bomb scene, appealed to our national gov’t to do something fast about the dire need for the immediate transfer of those high-risk detainees suspected as hard-core Abu Sayyafs presently detained at the ZC Jail Station that’s located right in the heart of the city proper.

Our lady mayor Beng strongly toyed the idea that the latest bomb blast in the city could have been perpetrated by the Al Queda-linked ASG terrorists group after its rescue plot try for its incarcerated comrades-in-arm from their detention cells inside the ZCJS was foiled early last week.

“We would like to make an appeal to the national gov’t, one of the reasons in this particular situation, was the attempted rescue of the Abu Sayyaf members from our city jail. Let us take note that his Abu Sayyaf group members that are here ( ZC) awaiting trial did not commit their atrocities in the city of Zamboanga and the trials are not held in the city. And, therefore, in behalf of the people of ZC, we are calling on all the national gov’t agencies, in coordination with Secs. Leila De Lima(DOJ), Mar Roxas( DILG) and Voltaire Gazmin(DND) to be able to have these 57 ASG members out of the city of Zamboanga, because in the first place, they are not our problem and yet they are our burden. The city of Zamboanga would like to build back better Zbga, and return to normalcy. However, we are really asking and appealing to them, as we have written to them, we have sent text messages already and called to them that these 57 Abu Sayyaf members be removed out of the city, for the safety and protection of all. We do not want a repeat of the siege in ZC,” our Mayor Beng strongly urged.

“Mga bungul sos mga lideres national diaton ste mga tiempo, cay ta precura sos lasa’ cunel VP Jojo Binay na Senado aserca su unexplained wealth, poreso, tampa bungul sos canaton ki na Zamboanga. Ese VP diaton, ay co’re para presidente, poreso sila fuerte gayot el pusak na Senado contra cun VP Binay.”

“Tupao gayot c Bogs! Bueno gayot ste analisa, poreso man paus ya lang kita ki, hinde’ gayot sos pone attention canaton ki na aton ciudad,” c Ador ya complimenta.

“Poreso, pone kita cun mi idol,” otro ste c Nado, ta keda ya gayot un intrigero. Espara gayot bos!

Akaba ya kita ste!


THE Guiwan powerful explosion was the 2nd   to occur in our city this month of January. The first bomb blast jolted our city’s downtown section on the eve of Jan. 4 that left scores injured while on Tomas Claudio St. where a planted improvised explosive device( home-made bomb) went off, damaging one entertainment store in the area.

LAST November, a powerful explosion ripped apart same section of Tomas Claudio St., downtown, wounding a member of the police bomb squad and its k-9 sniffing dog while responding to the reported planted bomb item.

“Cos aba se, asta aura, ta dale pa baptism of fire, cunel diaton Alcalde Beng? Acorda sila, mujer lang se diaton alcalde, debe gane’ sila ayuda cunele,” c Bogs ta tene’ lastima cunel mayor diaton.

“Ta toma sos bentaha cay ta mira sila dol puede lang sila pone ila obra,” c Ador ya suspecha.

“Canaton todo ki, cay na un barko lang kita todo,” c Nado ya contesta.

 “Dol bisto yaman kame combos Nado c cun quien bos?”

Taman suspechahan ya el tres.

Ese pa!@

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