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“Distractions for destructions”


(BY: BOVIC L. LUCERO) In our day to day lives, as we go on with our routines eking out a living, we encounter substantial or minuscule events or moments of deviations from the usual focus of our purposes in life, making us stray from the paths we long have planned to tread that affects the outcome of our actions. This is what I consider DISTRACTIONS that somehow complicates what seems to be a man’s life of simplicity.

Pope Francis talked about these distractions in his homily when he spoke to the Filipino people saying that distractions abound in our lives that sway our ways towards the devil such as the use of gadgets, gambling and drinking as Satan takes the form of sophistications.

We see so many product advertisements marketed aggressively luring people and creating needs that are not so important in our lives pushing people to “keep up with the Joneses” even though they could hardly make both ends meet. We become so mesmerized with what others possess that we will move heaven and earth just to “be one of them.” We just enrich more of those so-called “material people” who owns huge multi-national companies who numbers in just a handful, but controls most of the wealth of this planet at the expense of the vast majority who are marginalized, poor and starving!  It’s now a world of “haves and have-nots” and no one in between!

But these modern treasures are superfluous and fleeting, giving us a false sense of security and contentment. Gadgets should instead foster more meaningful relationships instead of being mere tools for informal affairs. We see people in public places sitting in one table but each preoccupied with their smartphones, tabs or whatever, totally alienated with whomsoever they are with.

To preserve equality, wealth should be fairly distributed among people as we all know that poverty and socially disenfranchised people can cause havoc in a society through terrorisms, graft and corruptions. Sophistications in a modern world will ultimately steal our jobs as laborers will be replaced by artificial intelligence, the machines.

The effects of these distractions are the DESTRUCTION of the relationships among peoples and the human race at large as we know of. People are so distracted in accumulating wealth in any way they can to pay the ever mounting bills disregarding ethical standards and fair play. According to Pope Francis, we need to focus on things that matters most to us like our family, relationships, environment and clean governance. Although, we should not be contented with what we have right now but rather strive harder to achieve our goals in life but we should do it in a way that our Savior is teaching us.

May all of you have an undistracted week ahead!

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