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It took PNoy to be here


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) There could be two reasons why PNoy came here yesterday, January 25, with some of the City’s streets were closed—especially the Guiwan Highway where the explosion on Friday happened, for security reasons. First, because Zamboanga City is strategically important to PNoy, or second, a possible bigger threat was actually intended by the enemy which the government foiled in its earlier stage.

Mayor Beng is a party-mate of the President. It will be such a moral support if he shows up to a wounded friend in need and more to her constituents who are still in limbo due to the alleged terror, caused by the still “unconfirmed bomb” explosion. Such act is a loyalty trait expressed by no less than the country’s Chief Executive which is worth for emulation by the rest of the Liberal Party–the majority party of the 2016 elections.

What a weak example it could be, if PNoy only showed passivity to Climaco’s Zamboanga who are in pains. In fairness, when the City was in siege, PNoy himself also came down to personally man the leadership of the war’s momentum, almost two years ago. Hence, Zamboanga is that important to his administration, and not to mention even the special rehabilitation projects to the IDPs.

Admittedly, the Abu Sayyaf Group has already been a pain of past administrations—Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo, but this attention that PNoy showed to our City yesterday did cause few speculations from the ordinary Zamboangueños, like is there probably a greater terror threat in Zamboanga which only the intelligence people do know and they are keeping those from us?

It is a serious question which remains to be unanswered for the moment, but either some official will announce it or not, the masses will just know it eventually. Whatever was PNoy’s reason of coming over, despite of his busy schedules in Manila, Barangay eMedia and the Zamboangueños appreciate it because it strengthened the morale boost of our resolves to stand for righteousness as a people.

The evil cannot win over the good, it never will. The good shall always prevail, though in the process a price must be paid still. Terrorism is now a global phenomenon which the most powerful nations in the world actually did lead its fight first, before little-spill-over’s reached the shores of our City. The Friday explosion is now an international-news and it even can be read and watched amongst Arab networks.

No doubt terror groups like the Al Qaeda did already know it and maybe are now in their celebrations. They could be thinking that another objective was done! Thus, advancing few more steps of their intentions to sow fears, not just in the Middle East but also, here in Asia, and Philippines is the number one in their list.

The capabilities of the technology today can easily access any information or news even to the other side of the globe in just in seconds. Think about how those more or less than a dozen of videos, secured by amateur individuals where most of them did also become few of the wounded because of their curiosity, amazingly helped the news spread easily through facebook. Their priceless inexpensive efforts indirectly helped big networks get up-close and first hand footages without pay, not a single centavo.

Can those acts probably be considered heroism or was it just plainly a usual foolishness of the Filipinos which can always be seen comes any harm or man-made tragedies are about to happen? Did you remember the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking which claimed many Hong Kongers’ lives?

The taker was partly irritated because of the presence of the curious crowd which despite efforts of dispersions were done, but adamantly remained to watch a live-adrenalin-rush scenario. Not to mention the 2013 siege here, while live bullets were already hovering in the air along the Pilar Street, curious locals were also there wanting to see up-close the clashes of the soldiers with the MNLF Misuari group.

A number of casualties in similar situations are attributed to this kind of negative curiosity. It happened again last Friday. The burning car must have alarmed those by-standers to retreat. However, the same scene instead invited them, such fed their curiosity. No wonder, many were wounded. Besides it was also a rush hour afternoon, a good timing to garner more innocent victims to injure—to the eyes of the terrorists.

In those moments, many also observed the slow responses of our authorities. Why the fire wasn’t right away contained, and why curious crowds were allowed to draw a close proximity of the burning car? If we only could turn time around again, maybe injuries could only be less. But regrets will always be at the last, as the usual. The profit is the lessons learnt the hard way.

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt. 18:5-6, ESV)

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