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PDEA-9 warns OFWs


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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ON Monday morning(Jan. 26), I visited the office of the Presidential Drug Enforcement Agency(PDEA) now under its new regional director Joseph Ladip.

NOTWITHSTANDING his brief stint here coming from the PDEA central office, Dir. Ladip looks like well-acclimatized to his new post.

IT was one pleasant and cordial meeting I have had in my recent separate meetings with different top gov’t officials— both on the national and local levels. And, Dir. Ladip proves, indeed, he knows his job darn well.

ONE major concern that he seriously conveyed during my exclusive interview with him, done in his own office situated in Brgy. Upper Calarian for my daily teleradyo program that’s catered to our Overseas Filipino Workers(OFWs), is never allow themselves(OFWs) to be duped by any strangers who might even turn out as linked to drug trafficking syndicates with strong connection to foreign drug rings like those powerful and affluent drug personalities from West African countries.

“Mag-ingat tayo itong mga tao hindi tayo kilala, promising us big amounts of money or travel opportunities to other countries, but only to become fallen victims later on when we reach those countries we’re being sent to, and only to find out we land in their jails for being caught as drug couriers without our knowing it,” Dir. Ladip sternly warned.

DIR. Ladip said based on past records he gathered while still in their (PDEA) national office, there are roughly 600 cases involving our OFWs who’re reportedly being incarcerated, and that almost half of them are traced in China.

HE said their cases stemmed from their being recruited by these international drug syndicates.

“We always warn our OFWs not to allow themselves fall prey to this international drug syndicate/s that exist from East/West African countries,” beseeched Dir. Ladip.

HE cited at-least two(2) major mediums by which they(OFWs) can be enticed to grab for a supposed  greener pasture: 1.) via the internets; 2.) through their own co-workers, abroad.

He said usually, when such an acquaintance has been established, the member of this international drug syndicate via the internet’s social networking, will propose them(OFWs) for marriage and be their espouse/s, as friends and afford them a rare opportunity to travel to other countries and earn for themselves extra big money for their families back home.

“Kailangan po, mag-ingat tayo. We need to thoroughly scrutinize their background first,” counseled Dir. Ladip.

HE also cautioned them not to be trustful even of their own co-workers while working abroad, as they might be despitefully used by them in nefarious ways— mostly in big-time illegal drug activities that bore them much the brunt, like death sentences, after being caught as drug couriers.

“Kailangan talaga mag-ingat sila(There’s a dire need on their part to be very extra careful),” Dir. Ladip sternly warned repeatedly.

WHILE he thanked our OFWs for their being the unsung heroes of the country, underscoring their huge remittance amounts that significantly form part of the nation’s coffers, Dir. Ladip expressed wary over their grim prospect, due to their sheer commitment in search for a greener pasture— hence their desire to earn extra big incomes via the illicit means, including to allow themselves being used by these big-time international drug syndicate/s.

“If they’re there as factory workers or domestic workers, kailangang mag-focus nila sa pag-tatrabaho nila, for they can already earn that much for their families back home,” advised our good PDEA regional director.

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