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In celebration of Arts Month, ACPAZ to award Outstanding Artist; ISP Celebrated UN-Interfaith Harmony Week with Forum


(BY: PROF. ALI T. YACUB, AL-HJ.) “…the art of music in the Islamic world is one of the most powerful and universal means of expressing what lies at the heart of the Islamic message”


“Art form (in Islam) can be the means by which to achieve peace of mind and exhilarate the spirit and soul”

– Editorial, MAHJUBAH MAGAZINE (Nov. 1994)


In celebration of Arts Month this coming February 2015, the Association of Creative and Performing Artists of Zamboanga, Inc. (ACPAZ), is opening the Culture/Arts Outstanding Award to all artists based in Zamboanga City so said Dr. Roberto B. Torres, President-Emeritus of the association.

A call for nomination from the associations, individuals and other entities is open effective February 1, 2015 and the deadline is on February 14, 2015.

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The United Nations had declared the 1st week of February of every year as the UN-Interfaith Harmony Week, and in consonance with the UN Declaration. The Philippines had passed a law, RA 10525 otherwise known as the “World Interfaith Harmony Week” to be celebrated through-out the country.

In Zamboanga City, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement headed by Fr. Sebastian D’Ambra, PIME, is spearheading some activities in celebration of the Harmony Week which will be published in due time, and the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace headed by its lead convener Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF will hold a FORUM on February 7, 2015 with speakers selected to discuss some topics related to “Harmony” coming from the following sectors:

- Christian Sector

- Muslim Sector

- IDP Sector

- Women Sector

- Youth Sector

Fr. Calvo will announce very soon the venue and time of the Forum any day this week.

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Hereunder are the details printed in toto for the convenience of the nominator/s, the guidelines for the nomination of candidates to the awards by interested parties:

A. Rationale:

The Association of Creative and Performing Artists of Zamboanga, Inc. (ACPAZ), ), a duly recognized and established Arts and Culture body mandated to award outstanding individuals, organizations, and entities in the field of Arts and Culture, provides this recognition for the exemplary performance and outstanding contribution to his field in particular and to the community in general.

This award further recognizes the unquestionable character as artist and member of the society, having projected the association’s ideals for excellence, commitment and service, demonstrating as model of distinction worthy of emulation.

B. Guidelines for Nomination:

1. Any individual/Organization or entity residing in Zamboanga City can be nominated for the award.

2. The candidate should be nominated by any individual, organization or society duly recognized by the association.

3. Nomination is through the use of Nomination Form that can be secured from any of the officers of the association, or contact Prof. Ali Yacub (Mobile No. 09068560316 TM)

4. All nominations must be accompanied with the nominee’s picture (2x2), curriculum vitae, and other pertinent documents duly certified.

5. All nomination forms must be submitted to the:

ACPAZ President – Emeritus - Dr. Roberto B. Torres

Vice-President for Research, Extension Services and External Linkages (RESEL), WMSU

6. The schedule for the nomination and evaluation is as follows:
Deadline of Submission  –  February 14, 2015 (Saturday)

First Evaluation   – February 16, 2015 (Monday)

Final Evaluation  –  February 17, 2015 (Tuesday)

Announcement of Awardees – February 18, 2015 (Wednesday)

Awards Night   –  February 28, 2015

C. Selection Process

1. All nomination forms shall be turned over to the committee on Awards (of the Association). The president automatically sits as one of the members.

2. The nominee must be active at least three (3) years in the field of specialization.

3. All submitted documents will be evaluated on the date set and only those that are related to the field applied will be considered.

4. All nominees who have earned 70 points based from the criteria shall be qualified to receive this award.

5. There will be one award per field of specialization. Each one will be recognized on any of the following field:

a. Culture and Arts Educator’s Award (One Elementary/One High School)

b. Culture and Arts Administrator’s Award (One Elementary/One High School)

c. Performing Arts

· Music

· Dance

d. Creative Arts

· Visual Arts

· Literary Arts

e.  Applied Arts

· Culinary

· Interior Design

· Architecture

· Event Organizing

· Fashion Designing

6. All awardees will be concurred and approved by the majority of the officers/board in a meeting called by the president of the association.

7. The names submitted by the committee on awards are considered final and non-appealable.

8. All awardees can be nominated again five years after this awarding. However, the nomination will be in another field (not the same field already awarded).

9. The number of awardees every year is not absolute. This will depend on the evaluation of the committee on awards.

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