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Zambo’s sentiment to PNoy’s speech


Barangay eMedia was able to make arrangements on Wednesday, January 28, evening to show live the speech of PNoy. It was his official response to the SAF killing in Maguindanao. In fairness, he was able to address few points, particularly on his emphases of the status of the BBL process, which assured the MILF camp of no delays to the peace negotiation. But to the families and the empathizers of the slain SAF officers, his speech rather raised more questions or even indirect insults.

When situations are so sensitive, like the demise of the 49 elite SAF policemen, every word of the Republic’s Chief Executive indeed counts! Words to fall from his mouth are no mere statements but are almost policies which his writers must craft so carefully, else it might offend the aggrieving party.

By ordinarily observing, PNoy’s speech was somehow apathetic for the hurting Filipinos who are mourning for the SAF officers. It is, when he expressly didn’t directly pound that the MILF indeed clashed with the SAF, and impliedly also when he said that even without a co-ordination of such an operation, it still was ok.

Check this quote to what he said, “Kapag may warrant laban sa isang tao, bawad alagad ng batas ay tungkuling ipatupad ito…Hidi sa bawat pagkakataon ay hinihiling nila ang pahintulot ko, dahil impraktikal naman kung hintayin pa nila ang clearance mula sa akin.”

The headline of a national paper yesterday in a big-bold-print said, “SAF chief: I am responsible.” In the PNP’s chain of command, every eventuality of anything, somebody must be accountable. Here we go, the alleged no “co-ordination” is blamed and accepted by a general, at least, because in the process of the investigation his admission carries a crucial weight.

What is your opinion, was it probably true that it was actually the intention then of the Malacañang to send those officers by stealth amidst the MILF lairs, thus the absence of co-ordination, to apprehend those two bomb experts, just in order to be presented to the media at the coming of PNoy in Zamboanga, so timely two days after the City’s bombing? Your guess will be good as the Barangay eMedia’s!

If it could be true, then it was a failed attempt-operation ambitioned by our leaders at the expense of the precious lives of the SAF officers. Perhaps, men who sent them—who thought that it could be successful, could now just easily excuse, that those officers, after all, died in a JUST cause and in their service. Can such a selfish justification maybe quantify to the officers’ ultimate sacrifice?

Questions will definitely lead us to more complicated questions as in all angles ordinary citizens see them in a simple prospective of values that the present administration again flunked. Just imagine if the operation succeeded, it could be PNoy’s glory, not just in the domestic scene but indeed internationally, because the duo bomb experts are labeled by the US government as international terrorists.

But what about the $6m reward money if it succeeded, or were such was the very allure for the higher officials of SAF or the PNP to flawedly send those officers as sheep amongst packs of wolves?

Some Zamboangueños who also smelled the same allegations have been incensed in anger every day since after that hilariously described infamy as a MISENCOUNTER. They really do, because those slain SAF officers were assigned here. They indelibly left a love to the hearts of La Bella’s locals.

They were the gallant men who fought the intruders on that early dawn in Rio Hondo and all through the span during the Zamboanga siege. To the hearts of the Zamboangueños, those officers were their heroes. Thus, nobody can blame them if they just could feel such pains for the SAF’s unworthy demise.

 In Barangay eMedia’s programs, some opinions even cropped up that this issue will even drag to be a main factor to determine the 2016 elections—candidates who are for or not to BBL, incumbent national politicians and from the executive branch who are implicated or indirectly accountable for the failure of that so-called co-ordination.

Take for example Erap Estrada. He is the only high profile personality who openly criticized the MILF’s brutall killing of the SAF. He even is for the “all-out-war” strategy than with the peace negotiation. If he can run as for president again on 2016, do you think his stand will sell?

One last paragraph, said in its post yesterday when the cadavers of the slain officers arrived in Villamor, “As the nation watched three Air Force planes land in Villamor Airbase with the remains of 42 of the 44 elite cops killed in an encounter in Maguindanao, President Benigno Aquino III was in Laguna, attending the inauguration of a manufacturing plant.” Anyways, he is the president of the entire country not just to the officers and their families.

“But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.” (Luke 6:49, ESV)

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